RS07/OldSchool RuneScape is an official oldschool server that is maintained by Jagex, launched on the 22nd of February 2013. It was originally a full restoration of a backup from August of 2007, but in the months since release there have been a number of community driven polls to decide on new content/features added.

General Links

Official Website | Official Wiki | Official Forums | Content Polls | Official Highscores | RS07G Highscores | Experience Tracker | GE Price Checker


Q. Is the game dead/is it worth playing/should I play/should I resub?

A. It’s a kind of running joke in the threads that the game is dead, but honestly there is a healthy enough population of players that it all still works fine. Just make sure to remember that the game is effectively an extended grind and you better enjoy clicking the same few things a lot of times if you plan on playing. At this point in time (June 2015) the player count is quite steady.

Q. So do I have to pay for this?

A. Yes, if you want members features. The same free-to-play features that were available back in 2007 are still available for free. Active RuneScape membership is required on the account for the standard members features, and access to Oldschool is provided for (currently) no extra cost.

Q. I’ve heard that F2P is back, what’s the deal?

A. On the 22nd of February 2015 a full f2p system was implemented into the game, the same as it was during actual 2007. It is unlimited f2p access to only the f2p areas of the game, with some slight restrictions listed here.

Q. Alright then, how do I play?

A. Assuming you already have an account with membership, just go to the main page (java no longer works on google chrome so you’re out of luck if you use the botnet) and click on the large play button just like you used to in the real 2007. You can also play using the official standalone client.

Q. How do bonds work/How can I get membership without paying real-life money?

A.  Oldschool currently has Membership bonds that can be redeemed for, as you might have guessed, membership only. No spins, no cosmetic items (yet??), no p2w mechanics. The link above should provide you with pretty much everything you need to know and this page should have a fairly accurate representation of a bond’s current GP value.

Q. Do I have the same stats as I did back in 2007?

A. No, everyone starts at level 3 with 1 in every skill.

Q. So what new things are in this version that weren’t actually there in 2007?

A. The majority of the updates have been smaller ones, aimed at improving the user experience. But there have been some major updates and additions, some being updates added into the main game, others being original content unique to OSRS, which can be seen here.

Q. All of the information I can find is about the modern game, where can I get info about this one?

A. The 2007 wikia is probably your best bet for getting decent and up to date information on the game, just take note that some information may not be entirely accurate. If you’re really feeling nostalgic then using the wayback machine to access older websites (, Runehq, etc.) for their guides and information may be a bit of fun.

Q. Where do I find other players from here?

A. Our homeworld is (3)27 and the current active clanchats are I don’t fucking know, look at the OP, these losers keep changing it with their shitty primary school drama. In general, you could add people that you see posting and maybe even try talking to them if you have a backbone. Good luck.

Q. What’s the best bot to use?

A. Fuck off. Alternatively,

Q. Which skill should I train first?

A. Agility.

Other useful links

Getting Started/General

- Guides for entirely new users: [1], [2].

- World Maps: [1]

- General guides on things can usually be found the archives of tipit, runehq, sals realm and the live game wikia.

- Treasure Trails guides: [1].


- Quest Guides: [1], [2], a more modern one. 

- Quest Rewards: Experience rewards, Quest Point rewards.

- Quest Requirements: Reqs for individual quests, skills needed for Quest Cape (not included is the 85 combat level for Dream Mentor, although this also essential).

- Other Quest/general starting guides guides (made by RS07 users?): questing, questing, prereqs chart, how to get level 2277 in under 3 hours, Quest list for zerkers.

Levelling skills/calculators:

- General skills guides (what you can do, levelling methods): [1], [2].

- Skill calculators: [1] (the calc for the live game [2] also works mostly fine and loads faster).

- Combat related calculators: Simple combat level calc, more in-depth combat level calc, max hit calc for melee, max hit calc for ranged.

- Skill progression/levelling guides: [1], [2](would like help from users who know a lot about specific skills to write updated and more in-depth versions for each one, maybe).

Misc guides:

-Barrows guide made by jinjinn.

-Rooftop agility guide/impressions by Jin Ta

Occasionally Asked Questions:

Q. How do I level skill x at level y?

A. Check the general level guides given above, better ones were supposed to be made, but laziness. Maybe later. Try the wikia.

Q. How do I make MONEY?

A. If you really want to do it, then Runecrafting (particularly after level 91) is the most reliable money maker in the game. High level PvM is the other main money maker for many players in OSRS, with some of the better baddies for money to kill including the likes of Zulrah, Cerberus, Zilyana, and the terrifying Kalphite Queen. Other okay methods include collecting Mort Myre Fungi, reasonable level slayer/camping monsters (wyverns especially), clue scrolls (any level can be decent), killing chaos druids/green dragons, fletching longbows for alchers, hunting red/black chins, smithing iron knives/cannonballs, some fishing, cutting yews/magics and farming various herbs. If you pretty much just play the game then you should end up making money in some way.

Q. How do I do Kingdom Management?

A. You need to have at least 750k in there at all times in order to get the most out of it (they take 10% per day at this is the max), something like 1m is suggested. Put your workers on 100% maple (mostly for the seeds and nests) and 50% coal. It’s not the most profitable thing in the world right now but do it if you want. It might not even be profitable right now. Who knows.

Q. What’s the deal with rares?

A. They aren’t rare. Don’t buy them. Reindeer Hat is good though, get that.

Q. The Pest Control/Barbarian Assault/x minigame world is dead, what should I do?

A. Join the CC for the minigame by clicking the red star in the quests tab. and go to the world that they are all in. Have fun. There is also the CC “iemz PC”.

Q. How much is item x worth?

A. Check the link to the OSBuddy GE Price Checker at the top.

Q. Is there any way to make the game window bigger?

A. Yes. Resizable is now out. Go to options and click the screen thingy with the double arrow doo-dah.

Q. So how do I abuse NMZ?

A. Not anymore.

Q. Where can I safely swap GP between RS3 and OSRS?

A. Our lovely friends over at Reddit are more likely to be able to help you out than anyone from the thread.

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