West Senior Survey
Please complete the information below by Friday, May 19 so we can compile necessary post-secondary data for the Class of 2017.

IMPORTANT: ALL HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPTS ARE SENT THROUGH PARCHMENT, and each senior created a Parchment account last fall. If you are planning to attend college upon graduation, you must request your final transcript be sent to your college of choice. When you are finished with this survey, please log into www.parchment.com. Order your transcript and please select "hold for grades" from the drop down menu. Be patient - it may take a few weeks to finalize transcripts at the end of the school year and post them to Parchment. You also must change the e-mail address used for Parchment to a non-school e-mail address, as your school-assigned account will be deleted upon graduation. This can be done in your account settings. Starting August 1, Parchment will assess a fee to any transcript request made by graduates. Additionally, colleges will NOT let you start classes without receiving your final transcript, so please take care of this sooner rather than later to avoid issues with fall enrollment. Thank you.

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What are your immediate post high school plans? *
If you are planning on college, which college?
The colleges listed below are schools we typically send many students to. If you are attending a college, trade or technical school that is not listed below, please indicate that school in the other category.
If you are planning on the military, which branch?
If you are planning on employment (work), who will you be employed by?
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If attending college, list any scholarships you are receiving from the college in which you plan to enroll. Please list the dollar value of those scholarships.
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List any scholarships you are receiving from resources other than the college you are attending. Pleast list the dollar value of those scholarships.
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Are you receiving an athletic scholarship to play a college sport?
If so, which sport?
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Please provide your non-school email address. We will use this email to contact you after graduation if necessary.
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