Zinepal FAQ

0.  What is Zinepal and how do I use it?

Zinepal is an online App for easily creating beautiful, professional looking eBooks, eZines, Brochures, etc. from web pages (Articles, Blogs and more).

The best way to experience Zinepal is to quickly create a sample eBook, by following the 4-step procedure at: https://www.zinepal.com/how

Begin at: https://www.zinepal.com/create (1) enter a URL, (2) select stories, (3) click "Preview", (4) click "Finalize".

When you are comfortable with this 4-step process, you can begin experimenting with the many "Customize" features which Zinepal provides.

(Note that advanced features require purchase of a Pro-subscription. Please read the following FAQ for more details).

1.  What is the difference between the Free version and the Pro version of Zinepal?

The Free version allows users to try out all the features of Zinepal before making a purchase decision. It enables creation of a basic eBook.

Full details are explained on the features page: https://www.zinepal.com/pro See also the following FAQ for further information on this.

2.  When I finalize a Free eBook which contains Pro features, what happens to the Pro features?

You cannot go back and change an eBook once you have finalized it. If you do not purchase a Pro account before finalizing, any Pro features used will be lost.

(The Pro version allows you to save your eBook, before finalizing, as a template for future use).

3.  When I try to access my PDF it says "Page Not Found" (or HTTP Error 404). What can I do?

This error generally indicates an intermittent network connectivity issue. The situation normally resolves itself within a short time.

4.  When my PDF is created, there is an error, "Unknown Error, Something went wrong". Why is this and what can I do?

Either there is some non-standard HTML coding which Zinepal cannot interpret, or there are some floating images in the source page.

You can localise the problem by copying & pasting sections of your source page, using the "Customize Your eBook" and "Add New Story" feature.

See the following FAQ for further information on this.

5.  When my PDF is created, some images are missing. Why is this and what can I do?

Some images are defined as type "float". Zinepal does not support smaller floating images because they can negatively impact the output format.

You can either change the images to non-floating or use the "Add New Story..." feature to copy & paste these images into the eBook.

Please note that this feature requires a Pro account.

6.  When I finalize my eBook, only the first paragraphs of each story are showing. Why is this and what can I do?

Zinepal attempts to automatically recognize the feed-type, however, sometimes this is not possible. In this case, you can change the feed-type manually, as follows:

Enter your feed address and click on "Select Stories", then when the list of stories appears, click on the feed origin (which appears with each listed story, in small print).

This will bring up a page where you can click on "set what content is in this feed". You can select either "partial stories..." or "complete stories" and then "Save".

7.  My blog has multiple stories but only the first 10 are showing up. Why is this and what can I do?

On many blogs, "10" is the default setting for how many stories are displayed. It is normally possible to change this. You should inquire on your blog site for details of this.

If you change the parameter setting and your stories do not update then it is probably because the Zinepal cache is not refreshing.

You can normally clear the cache by changing and then resetting the feed type (see above #6.)

If this does not work you can try temporarily adding an extra parameter to your feed address (e.g. www/blog/feed?param1  then  www/blog/feed?param2,  etc.).  

Eventually the cache will clear and you can use the normal feed address again.

If you supply too many stories from your blog site then you may experience a time-out. To resolve this you should supply the stories in separate batches (i.e. 1-50, then 51-100, etc.)

You can do this by setting the appropriate parameters. Your blog site will advise you how.

8.  I have 50 stories but only the first 5 are showing up. Why is this and what can I do?

Zinepal usually selects 5 stories as the default, when displaying them from a feed. Also, "5" is the maximum number of stories allowed with the Free version.

You can change the number of stories selected by using the check-boxes. To create an eBook with more than 5 stories you must purchase a Pro account.

9.  I have more than 50 stories but only the first 50 are showing up. Why is this and what can I do?

The maximum number of stories for a Pro account is "50". You cannot create an eBook with more than 50 stories using Zinepal.

10. My national language is not displaying properly. How can I correct this?

In order to display alternative languages correctly, you should select "Arial Unicode" in the following fields: eBook Title Font, Story Text Font, Story Title Font.

Zinepal utilises the "Arial Unicode MS" character set, which is probably the most widely-used international language representation.

This means that any web page using this same encoding should translate correctly from end to end.

However, there are numerous other code tables in existence. There also exist many different character sets for a variety of well-known applications, particularly word-processors.

Whilst most web browsers can handle any character set and encoding, Zinepal does not have the huge database of available character sets and font sets which are used by the major web browsers.

For practical reasons it is not possible to extend the Zinepal language support beyond the standard encoding.

If some of the source web pages use character encoding which deviates from the "Arial Unicode MS" standard then, although this is perfectly legitimate for web browser display,

the end to end translation of these web pages cannot necessarily be guaranteed to work correctly with Zinepal.

11. How can I pay? Do I need a PayPal account?


There are various payment options which you can select by following the on-screen instructions. For convenience, all payments are handled by the PayPal system.


You do not specifically need a PayPal account if paying by credit card or certain debit cards. You will need a PayPal account if paying by eCheck or bank transfer.

12. Do I need an account to use Zinepal?

You can tryout nearly all the functions of Zinepal in "Preview" mode without an account. To "Finalize" and create an eBook you will need to set up an account.

This is easy to do and requires only a username and an email address. In your account you can manage your eBooks, modify your username, etc.

If you create an account but no longer need it, you can email your username to info@zinepal.com and we will remove it.