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Thank you for dropping in to see us, today. So you think you want need great quality copywriting, right? Well, you're right about that. And, lucky for you, you're in exactly the right place to start building a veritable library of authoritative copy for you blog or website, should you desire. And, yep - we'll even get our hands dirty with offline content, too.

A bit about Darrelldoo Copywriting Services

We've been in this business for some years, learnt our craft at the sharp end earning $1/words on global freelance websites and watched the market and SEO change over that time. We've progressed, through talent, innovation and focusing on quality over quantity, to now be working in Joint Ventures alongside some of the greatest SEOs on Earth. Indeed, Jason Darrell's feature in the July 2013 "Top Google SEO Copywriters on Earth" compilation ( is testament to the skills honed over time working with these awesome guys and gals. Our objective is simple: to produce content that both Google will love and that your followers, fans and evangelists will love to share. All of the questions below are tailored specifically to that aim, so please, the stage is set. You know a bit about Darrelldoo; now, it's your turn:

What do I do with this submission form?

The details you complete in this form will help Darrelldoo more accurately appraise your professional copywriting, editing, proofreading or social media management requirement. In order that we live up to our motto, Write First Time!, please fill out as many of the fields as possible; *some are compulsory. The final box can be used to add aspects such as:
  • any specific detail not covered in this submission form
  • answers for which you choose 'other'
  • to clarify aspects you feel need developing for us to more fully understand your content writing enquiry
  • specifics of target audience or social media networks
  • details of other SEO services you may require through our selected partners

How will you deliver/we pay for the copywriting?

Our first project together will be conducted solely through a third party freelance agency whose details will be forwarded upon your acceptance of our official quote to supply your copywriting content and/or social media management. The agency is free to use for you as the client, with all project fees deducted from my final payment. You will need to register to raise the project officially, but again, it's free for you. The use of this third party agency, upon which there's an existing 100% quality rating to maintain, is solely to ensure that both parties' interests and integrity are upheld. The minimum contract thereon is £50, with an escrow deposit of £37.50. The minimum project feasible from a business perspective, however, is £100/$160/€125 so please bear that in mind when making your enquiry here. Long-term content requirements, if you have them, can be discussed after the initial project has been completed to the satisfaction of both parties. Thank you for the opportunity; we genuinely look forward to working with you and subsequently getting you, Google and your followers to love the content we produce on your behalf. Darrelldoo, for Copywriting
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