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I understand that the color seen on the monitor screen cannot be a reference to the color of the fabric, and there will be a tolerance of 10-15% of color differences, differ for each type of fabric. The difference in color results I can't complain unless I do a testprint color-matching first *
I understand that the test print / color matching process using a color chart / pantone color / using hardcopy (in the form of color directions on paper or fabric) will still tolerate a difference of approximately 5-10% between the color on the monitor screen and the color of the fabric *
I understand that when it comes down to large production there will be a tolerance of color differences of 5% - 10% from the results of the test print / color matching. *
I understand that for repeat orders on the same motif, there will be a tolerance of color differences of 5% -10% from the previous order.
I understand that the fabric print production process schedule will follow the daily production schedule of Zalmon Fabric (different for each type of fabric) according to what is attached to the invoice. *
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