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PLEASE READ.......This is Yummy Tummy Pastries official questionnaire for all job applicants, if you don't have a answer for some of the questions at the end leave them blank.

We are a Family Business built with Hard work, love and purpose and fun.

We hope to meet you as well, please fill out as much as you can and follow any instructions it may ask you to do.

It may take a while so get some water and get ready!!

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Daytime Phone: *
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Home/Mailing Address: *
(Where you live...... not a P.O. Box or your Moms House......unless you live with your mom then that's fine with us, she might want you out....but that's another story!))
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We email from Info@Yummytummypastries.com , Save it!
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Before we start......Do You Have Any Questions For Us? *
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Are You Over The Age Of 18? *
Can You Lift 50 Lbs? *
A Bag of Sugar at our Bakery is 50lbs.......Can you move it all by yourself?)
Have You Ever Been Convicted Of A Crime?
We conduct background checks on anyone applying for cash handling positions.
Do you have a problem wearing a Uniform? *
Do you have your OWN dependable transportation to and from work?
Are there any days of the week you can not work? *
Your availability
Do You Know Anyone Who Works For Us Or Are You Related to Anyone Who Works For Us? *
Are You Willing To Work Nights / Weekends / Holidays? *
(Most big holidays were closed.........but maybe we work in the morning/depends on Business!)
I understand that if hired I may be required to work Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays. *
Are you looking for Part Time or Full Time? *
When Can You start? *
What Position are you interested in?
(What Best fits your skills?) If... Your a Airplane Pilot this is not for you!!!
Are You Able To Perform These Job Duties With Or Without Reasonable Accommodations? *
What Work Experiences do you have? *
Where have you worked before? List Three Places *
Place/Name, Postion, Job Descrition
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How Long Do You Expect To Work For Us If Hired? *
What Schedule would you like? *
Do You Work Better In A Team Or Alone? *
(No answer is the wrong anwser!)
What Pay Range are you looking for?
Pick your Lowest and Highest.
Why are you applying here? *
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Tell me about yourself. *
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Describe Your Ideal Job. *
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What Are Your Strengths? *
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What Are Your Weaknesses? *
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Can You Describe A Time When Your Work Was Criticized And How Did You Handle It? *
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If You Could Work For Any Company, Where Would You Work and Why? *
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If handed a cake order to complete on the first day of work, how would you rate your skills? *
On a Scale of 1-10.
Whats a Cake Order?
Only One....Give Me 3!!
What's your greatest FEAR about this opportunity? *
Where would you like to be in your career five years from now? *
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Are you willing to relocate to another location in the future? *
(Work in the Houston Metro Area, Katy, Thomball, Galleria, The Woodlands)
There's no right or wrong answer, but if you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?
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What's the last book you read?
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What is your biggest regret and why?
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What are your lifelong dreams?
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What is your greatest achievement outside of work?
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How do you think I rate as an interviewer? *
Ahhhh!! (You have seen better)
Wow...was that the SAT?
Have answered all the questions to your best ability and they are 100% completely Honest *
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