Cathedral Parking Lot Sticker Application
To receive a new sticker for the Cathedral parking lot please complete the following form. Stickers are available for all members of the Cathedral who are in regular weekly attendance at one of our services of worship.

Two stickers are available for each family, but you must apply for each sticker separately (simply complete this form, and then complete the form again).

You are welcome to use the parking lot beyond attending a service, but please try to be mindful of when special events (e. g. marriages, Diocesan meetings) are happening here, and park somewhere else if you are not attending or helping with the event itself. The Cathedral will seek to inform you of such events in advance.

The sticker itself should be stuck to the outside of your rear window, and is not transferable between cars.

As of July 1st, 2014, all of the old white stickers are longer valid and anyone using them is liable to be have their car towed.

On weekends, additional parking is available, free of charge, at Charleston Water Systems on Vanderhorst Street.

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Are you a member of the Cathedral in regular weekly attendance who intends to be so for more than six months from today? *
Stickers are for those who are in regular, weekly attendance at the Cathedral, and who plan to be so for the foreseeable future. There are sometimes other options available for those who have short term needs .
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