Reading on Screen Site Evaluation
You do not have to have used the site in order to participate. Your feedback will help our development of the Reading on Screen support site at All responses are anonymous.
1. Have you used the Reading on Screen site?
You DO NOT have to have used the site in order to complete the rest of this survey
2. Your current status:
3. Name of your institution
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4. What issues have you encountered reading on screen or engaging with digital resources?
Note: please interpret reading on screen as widely as you like, it could include reading text from websites, using PDFs, slides or other resources and is not just limited to the act of reading, but may include file management, annotation, etc.
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5. Has the Reading on Screen site resolved your problem(s)?
6. Did you find something on the Reading on Screen site that was useful that you were not originally looking for?
7. What parts of the site do you find most useful?
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8. What advice is missing from the site that you would find helpful?
Note: please feel free to refer to tasks you find difficult, software, devices, platforms, etc. Any aspect of reading on screen that you think we could provide advice on.
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