More info on Diabetes Prevention
Thank you for your interest in the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program.  Please fill out the information below and Tracie Heavner, Diabetes Prevention Program Director, will contact you within the next 3 business days.  

To find out more about if you are at risk for diabetes please take the test below to help Tracie know more about your risk factors.
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Are you a woman who has had a baby weighing more than 9 pounds at birth?
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Do you have a parent with diabetes?
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Do you have a brother or sister with diabetes?
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Are you younger than 65 years of age and get little or no physical activity in a typical day?
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Are you between 45 and 64 years of age?
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Are you 65 years of age or older?
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Find your height on the below chart.  Do you weigh as much as or more than the weight listed for your height?
4'10" - 129lbs;    4'11" - 133lbs;    5'0" - 138lbs;    5'1" - 143lbs;     5'2" - 147lbs;    5'3" - 152lbs;    5'4" - 157lbs;    5'5" - 162lbs;    5'6" - 167lbs;    5'7" - 172lbs;     5'8" - 177lbs;     5'9" - 182lbs;     5'10" - 188lbs;     5'11" - 193lbs;     6'0" - 199lbs;     6'1" - 204lbs;     6'2" - 210lbs;     6'3" - 216lbs;     6'4" - 221lbs
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