Yiftee Featured Merchant Sign-Up Form

Welcome! Yiftee is growing throughout the United States and we are thrilled to have local businesses like yours be a part of this new way to give gifts. Please complete the following form to submit your business as a Featured Yiftee Merchant. NO GIFTS ARE REQUIRED TO BE FEATURED. The form DOES NOT save automatically, so it is best to complete it in one sitting. It should take less than 20 minutes. You may resubmit this form if you would like to change any information. If you need any help completing the form, please give us a call at (650)564-4438 or email info@yiftee.com. * Required
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Business Information

Please provide us with the location, phone, website and a short description of your business. We will use this on the Yiftee website so customers can learn about your business.

Please define up to 3 Microgifts under $100 to sell on Yiftee. Please include one that is $20 or less because our customers like small thoughtful gifts and it brings people in your store.

Gift #1 Information

Gift #2 Information

Gift #3 Information


We recommend your photo be taken on a solid contrasting backdrop to the product. Photos must be a minimum of 400x400px, in JPEG format. Please make sure you have emailed the following to photos@yiftee.com.


Almost done! By writing your name you consent to sharing this information with Yiftee for posting on the Yiftee.com website and mobile applications, and you agree with our Merchant Agreement located here: http://yiftee.com/merchant_agreement.

Thank you for being our newest merchant!

That's it! The Yiftee Team will input this data and contact you soon for a final review. We will then send you a package of Yiftee collateral to promote your Yiftee business to your customers. If you have any questions, please contact your Yiftee Merchant Engagement Manager, or Yiftee HQ at info@yiftee.com or (650)564-4438. We love receiving your feedback so do not hesitate to let us know how we can improve or help you in the future.

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