Peninsula Solidarity Network: a response to this historic moment
The social issues of our time - and those highlighted by the presidential campaign - reflect the painful realities of racism, xenophobia, and economic inequality in our country. Our Muslim, LGTBQ, Jewish and immigrant neighbors are reporting greater concern for their safety and future well-being. And potential new policies will likely strip people of protections and benefits that their families depend on. Like all moments of social unrest, this is also a time to take a stand for our values.

As faith leaders, we are called to respond to this moment. We are inviting you to build with us a network of congregations, schools, businesses, families and individuals on the San Francisco Peninsula that is acting for safety and solidarity, protecting the vulnerable among us, standing for one another when threatened, and calling each other and our public servants to our highest common values.

The experiences of those who have been victims of social and economic injustice and human rights violations throughout the history of our country inform our response and our recommendations. We know that lines must be drawn, that silence is not an option, and that scapegoating the "other" does not lead us to a better future. We are “prisoners of hope,” and our hope is founded on our faith in you and on the foundation of those highest values we hold in common: do justice, love mercy, love thy neighbor and love thy g-d.

This Solidarity Network will stand with, speak up and take action to support and protect our neighbors. We appeal to you, our neighbors and friends, to stand and speak for justice and in support of the inherent worth and dignity of all people.

With hope and love,

Rev. Dr. Penny Nixon, Congregational Church of San Mateo
Rabbi Dennis Eisner, Peninsula Temple Beth El
Rev. Ben Meyers, Unitarian Universalists of San Mateo
Nyla Ibrahim, Yaseen Foundation
Rev. Ted Pecot, Hillsdale United Methodist
Dr. Jennifer Martinez, Faith in Action

• Love of all humankind.
• Dignity and worth of all people
• The value of nonviolence
• Hope that all places of worship can be a safe space for everyone.
• The value of listening.
• The value of perseverance.
• The value of not leaving people behind.
• The sanctity of free speech.
• Concern for the poor and disadvantaged.

Three levels of engagement

• Leader of a faith community pledging my own support
• Leader/member of a faith community who has the official support of their community
• Individual standing together with us in signing the statement
I will join the Peninsula Solidarity Network to protect the safety and well-being of immigrants, Muslims, Jews, those facing racism, and any others who might be harmed by new federal policies and attitudes.
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