Sign the Open Letter to Associate Master Christakis
Letter from Yale's Intercultural Affairs Committee:
Letter from Associate Master Christakis:

In anticipation of the Halloween weekend soon to arrive at Yale, an email was sent out by Dean Burgwell Howard and the Intercultural Affairs Committee in which they implored the Yale body to “avoid those circumstances that threaten our sense of community or disrespects, alienates or ridicules segments of our population based on race, nationality, religious belief or gender expression.” The email also encouraged Yale students to “take the time to consider their costumes and the impact it may have.”

What was simply a request from Yale's Intercultural Affairs Committee for students to reconsider culturally insensitive costumes was met with criticism when an email was sent out to the students of Silliman College by the Associate Master, Erika Christakis. She wrote her email, as she says, in response to “students who were frustrated by the mass email sent to the student body about appropriate Halloween-wear.”

Associate Master Erika Christakis,

In your email, you defend the right to wear racist or marginalizing costumes as free speech and accuse the Intercultural Affairs Committee of imposing bureaucratic restrictions on the student body. You deem the call for sensitivity “censure” -- one which you say comes “from above”, not from the students, as if the repeated requests of many students of color do not count. To equate a suggestion of the IAC, a committee created to challenge bias and promote cultural awareness, respect, and appreciation on campus, with an “institutional exercise of implied control over college students” further erases the voices of the students they stand to protect.

The contents of your email were jarring and disheartening. Your email equates old traditions of using harmful stereotypes and tropes to further degrade marginalized people, to preschoolers playing make believe. This both trivializes the harm done by these tropes and infantilizes the student body to which the request was made. You fail to distinguish the difference between cosplaying fictional characters and misrepresenting actual groups of people. In your email, you ask students to "look away" if costumes are offensive, as if the degradation of our cultures and people, and the violence that grows out of it is something that we can ignore. We were told to meet the offensive parties head on, without suggesting any modes or means to facilitate these discussions to promote understanding. Giving “room” for students to be “obnoxious” or “offensive”, as you suggest, is only inviting ridicule and violence onto ourselves and our communities, and ultimately comes at the expense of room in which marginalized students can feel safe.

These discussions are not new, and have been happening nationally. To ask marginalized students to throw away their enjoyment of a holiday, in order to expend emotional, mental, and physical energy to explain why something is offensive, is -- offensive. In the age of the internet, resources can easily be found to explain the history and consequences of these actions. The role of marginalized people on campus is not, and should not be, to constantly educate our peers if they ignore the many opportunities offered -- like the one provided by the Intercultural Affairs Committee's email -- to self-explore and learn.

After receiving responses from students and alumni through both social media and email, you responded to critics of your email with a link to the Atlantic Magazine article, “The Coddling of the American Mind.” Not only are you calling our calls to be respected as human beings and not costumes, coddling, but you use an article that doesn’t consider the fact that marginalized people largely do not have the protected upbringings the authors describe. We are not asking to be coddled. The real coddling is telling the privileged majority on campus that they do not have to engage with the brutal pasts that are a part of the costumes they seek to wear. We, however, simply ask that our existences not be invalidated on campus. This is us asking for basic respect of our cultures and our livelihoods.

To be a student of color on Yale’s campus is to exist in a space that was not created for you. From the Eurocentric courses, to the lack of diversity in the faculty, to the names of slave owners and traders that adorn most of the buildings on campus -- all are reminders that Yale’s history is one of exclusion. An exclusion that was based on the same stereotypes and incorrect beliefs that students now seek to wear as costumes. Stereotypes that many students still face to this day when navigating the university. The purpose of blackface, yellowface, and practices like these were meant to alienate, denigrate, and to portray people of color as something inferior and unwelcome in society. To see that replicated on college campuses only reinforces the idea that this is a space in which we do not belong.


Concerned Yale Students, Alumni, Family, Faculty, and Staff

Ryan Wilson SM 2017
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Zora Howard ES 2014
Adela DePavia JE 2019
Pamela Soto Branford 2013, Forestry 2015
Sarah Giovanniello MC 2016
Sabrina Gill TC 2013
Karla Maradiaga JE 2015
Zoe LaPalombara SM 2013
Cesar Garcia ES2017
Maria Melchor MC 2018
Andrew DeGuglielmo SM 2018
Autumn Shone DP 2017
André Luvas Melo Ezra Stiles 2018
Kevin Cheung MC 2018
Kevin Cheung MC 2018
Alex Co MC '15 FES '17
George Adesanya TC 2015
Alexander Borsa SM 16, CCE
Andrew Dowe BK 2008, GSAS 2016
Linda Anderson Yale staff (retired)
Roger Pellegrini TD 2016
Talya Zemach-Bersin GSAS 2015
Laura Edwards BK 2008
Anne Paxton Yale parent and faculty member, Columbia University
Jenny Nguyen JE 2016
Rachel Ha SY 2017
Edgar Avina SY 2018
Phoebe Hinton BK 2011
Chris McGowan GSAS '19
Sarah Marx TD 2014
Tim Pham Morse 2012
Taylor McClain Wesleyan University '17
Peter Raccuglia GSAS 2019
Travis Alexander Marchman TD 2010
Laura Goetz PC 2017
Alejandro Comas-Short Davenport 2019
Phoenix Alexander GSAS 2019
Maria Jose Medina TD 2015
Bonnie Rhee DC 2018
Maclovia Quintana MC 2011; F&ES 2014; Diversity & Sustainability Fellow, F&ES
Reine Ibala ES 2016
Vanessa Holman ES 2016
Emma Watson Brown 2013
Billy J Lockhart 15 MD MHS
Seanna Pieper-Jordan SM 2013
Eleanor Wertman TD 2011
Shirley Kuang TD 2017
Gabriel Winant GSAS 2016
Kristin Adele Graves Okoli GSAS 2014
Myles Lennon F&ES and GSAS PhD '20
Christopher Logan JE 2014
Chandler Gregoire PC 2017
Maya Jenkins CC 2018
David Amanfu TD '17
H. Steven Sims, MD MC'88, MED '94, HS'00
David Lockwood TD 1996
Claire Schwartz GSAS 2018
Carmen Thunem TD '13
Ariel Franks MC 2010
Karla Cornejo Villavicencio Graduate School
LaTisha Campbell ES 2012
Imani Doyle SM 2017
Jess Newman GSAS 2016
Adrian Gutierrez TC 2016
Ariel Baker-Gibbs TC 2011
Czessie Franois TC 2011
Leslie Harkema Asst Prof, Spanish
Emily Hays CC 2016
Nao Satoh BR 2012
Jaime Myers-McPhail Partner, grad fellow
Laura Barraclough Faculty in American Studies
Joshua Nelson TC 1996
Matthew Tyler GSAS 2021
Sara Smith PhD student, 2019
Emily Graham DC 2013
Victoria Solomon DC 2019
Joy Chen MC 2015
Kate Brackney GSAS
Allison Hadley MC 2012, GSAS 2018
Lorraine James TC '15
Lex Caron ES 2014
Austin Lan Trumbull College 2013
Jerelyn Luther SM 16
Lauren Weston PC 2016
Ngadi Kponou JE 88
Elisabeth Thomas MC 2010
Ashley Gard GSAS 2019
Jenna Balestrini Yale Postdoc
Wakaya Wells Brother of TC '13 (Member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma)
Ashton Megli SY 2018
Alice Engbith mother of Yale student
Summer Kim DC 2018
Sara Schomburg Dartmouth '18, friend of TC '13 and MC '18
Stefanie Fernandez TD '17
Carly Hafner ES 2015
Raquel Zepeda JE 2014
Michael Bogese TD 2014
Ethan Karetsky CC 2015
Angelina Seffens TC 2015
Margaret Yellen TD 2014
Akbar Shahid Ahmed Davenport 2014
Isabel Cruz DC 17
Gabriella Puente TD 2013
Aseem Mehta BR 2014
Victor Bloch BR 2014
Owen Symington BC 2014
Gina Starfield SY 2016
Alycia Scott SM 2003
Madison DeJesus BK 2018
Sara Torres ES 2015
Isla Hutchinson Maddox BK 2017
Delaney Herndon Branford 201
Natalie Ginsberg BK 2011
Emma Speer BK 2017
E-Lynn Yap TD 2014
Amelia Earnest PC 2014
Justine Appel ES 2015
Payal Modi TD 2017
Victor Kwansa TC 2008
Rachel Schoening SM 2015
Aria Thaker DC 2015
Oliver Mesmer PC 2017
Eleanor Pritchett SY 2019
Laura Bustamante BK 2018
Isis Sikainga CC 2014
Huma Baig CC 2016
Ted Gordon DC 2008
Austin Airhart TD 2017
Gabby Heifetz PC 16
Julian Reid MC 2013
Kim Mejia JE 2016
Sarah Ludwin-Peery TD 2018
Gloria Mejia-Cuellar JE '16
Derek Ou MS1
Lauren Meyer GSAS 2018
Danielle Lucero Columbia University '15
Cortlyn Brown SOM 2016
Rahil Rojiani YSM 2018
Jacob Rosenberg-Wohl DC 2015
Adam Arenson PhD 2008
Stephanie Granada MS 2015
Sohini Bandy BR 2013
Ben Zdencanovic GSAS 2018
Julian Darwall SM 06
Alicia Minana Lovelace BR 2017
Gian-Paul Bergeron TD 17
Zane Curtis-Olsen GSAS 2015
Amy Kohout SM 2004
Charlene Ramos SM 2013
Ronnye Rutledge YSM 2017
Miriam Posner GRD 2011
Nisreen Hasib BK 2010
Keturah James PC '14
Emily Hoffman BR 2010
Dina Mohammad Omar GSAS 2018
Edith Sangüeza Pierson 2010
Daniel Pak Swarthmore '12
Gloria Ma SM 2014
Linda Liang PC'16
Frank Leon Roberts YDS '17
Sascha Murillo YSM 2019
Ruth Jarmul MC 1971
Michael Smith Mother of CC 2013
Julia Ehrman NYU 2011
Benjamin Klempay SY 2017
Bernice Anders SM 2014
Ale Estrada ES 2018
Cassandra Darrow CC '18
Kayla Vinson DC 2011
Rachel Lackner MC 2017
EB Saldaña ES 2014
Emma Coleman Stanford University 2017
Joshua Haselkorn CC 2010
Carmen Baskauf SY 2017
Cynthia Deng JE 2014
Carmen Baskauf SY 2017
Aalyia Sadruddin GSAS 2019
Alyssa Paredes GSAS 2019
Hannah Yang SY 2018
Marcus Lindo, Sr. Harvard University, 1984
Samuel Lee DC 2017
Kylie Aquino Waddy Yale SOM 2017
Justin Myles MC 2017
Ana Colón Dartmouth College, concerned friend of Yale students
Prof. Jorge Moreno Penn 2010
Moiya McTier Harvard College 2016
Jungmin Cho Stanford University 2017
Nancy Margot Barr Berkeley 1980
Sahar Rooholamini, MD MPH YSPH '03
Samuel Breslow Pomona College 2018
Isaac Howell Graduate School of Art 2017
Sam Laing MC 2019
Maya Torain MC 2014
Nia Froome BK 2015
Christina Quarles School of Art 2016
Vicki Cain Yale staff 2001-2007
Eli Benioff ES 17
Anke Doan SM 2003
Chetana Kallakuri Yale FES 2014
Ralph Andrade ASU 2012
Debra Fischer ES, Prof Astronomy
David Gorin TC '04, GSAS '16
Jesse Feddersen GSAS 2019
Parth Ahya Cooper City High School
Monserrat Marquez PC 2017
Gary Fox ES 2008
Benjamin Billingsley DC 2014
Mary Sun JE 2016
Jasmine Zhuang CC 2013
Jody Joyner SOA 2016
Rachel Countryman JE 1986
Ben Garrison TD 2016
Jordon Walker CC 2013
Ben (The one man klan) Garrison GSAS 2018
Cynthia Rush GSAS '16
Paavan Gami SM 2015
Charles Lupica SM 2008
Bob Whelan Father of Silliman 2019
Hannah Swanson DC 2010
Kimberley L. Phillips Yale University 1992
Ifeanyi Awachie TD 2014, Woodbridge Fellow '14-'15, current Yale staff
Abigail Cheung TD 2011
Zoe Rubin TD 2016
Thomas Christopher Beck PhD 2015
Travis Whitfill YSPH 2015
Samantha Brown JE 2017
Francine Chew DC 2000
Laura Leon Pierson 2018
James Russells Father of Yale student
Xiao-Qiao Zhou Morse 2012
Ann Sarnak CC '17
Christopher Bustamante Osorio Rutgers School of Law 2018, University of Washington 2015
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