AACC Student Innovation Fund (ASIF) Application
Thank you for applying to the AACC Student Innovation Fund! The AACC aims to advance the holistic development of Asian and Asian American Students at Yale, ranging from student's intellectual activities, to spiritual exploration. Recognizing that students are working vigorously toward AACC's goals, the Center funds student-conceived and executed initiatives. Please fill this form our to the best of your ability.

For any questions, contact Assistant Director of the AACC, at raymond.firmalino@yale.edu.

February 5
March 3

Has your event already occurred?
Please note that unfortunately we will not accept any requests for events that have already happened.
Please select the category your event/project falls into. You may check more than one box as appropriate.
Full Official Name of Your Group
(e.g. Asian American Students Alliance, Taiwanese American Society)
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Full Name
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Yale Email Address
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Yale Affiliation and Anticipated Year of Graduation
(e.g. Yale College 2016, Yale Med 2018, etc.)
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Is this your first time applying for funding from the AACC?
How many years have you been involved with the AACC?
Your Title / Position within Your Group
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Name of Event
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Date of Event
Required format: 4/12/2012
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Location of Event (provide the building name and address)
Required format: AACC - 295 Crown Street, New Haven, CT, 06510
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$ Amount of Funding Requested
Required format: $100
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Is this event a fundraiser?
PLEASE NOTE: Any event in which participants will pay for attendance qualifies as a fundraiser
Expected Number of Attendees (provide an approximate number NOT a range)
Required format: 60
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Please list all other groups/organizations also sponsoring or planning this event and the amount requested or allocated
Ex. Council of East Asian Studies: $200 allocated, UOC: $100 requested, etc., PLEASE NOTE: if none, write NONE. If you are not applying for funding from other sources, please include an explanation why in your application to avoid delay due to inquiry why and/or suggestions of other sources.
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Event Description (more details improve chances of approval)
In no more than 1200 words, please include the (1) Purpose/mission of the event; (2) What will take place at the event; 3) How it advances the AACC's mission; (4) Who it will serve (5) Any other information you'd like to share (optional). You may also send a word document to raymond.firmalino@yale.edu.
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Cost Breakdown
Required format: $60 - dumplings, $20 - tea, $10 - wall decorations
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If your funding request is greater than $299, what is your Tax ID Number?
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If your funding request is greater than $299, what is your Vendor Number?
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