2017 Spring Teaching Forum
Are you a teacher who cares about your community and wants your students to care as well? Do you want your students to think more about the social and political implications of what they are learning? Would you like them to appreciate the broader importance of their lab experiments? Have you wondered how to start conversations with your students about their roles as educated citizens in a democracy?

On Monday, May 1st, Yale University’s Center for Teaching and Learning’s (CTL) is hosting its Spring Teaching Forum. The Spring Teaching Forum is an annual event open to both members of the Yale community and the general public to discuss challenges and opportunities in teaching and learning. This year, the theme of the Spring Teaching Forum is centered on What is the public mission of a university education?. The CTL hopes that this forum will begin campus-wide conversations about the importance of civic learning in the classroom. This conversation is designed to include faculty members, administrators, graduate and undergraduate students, along with guests from area universities.

Highlights include:

A panel discussion centered on civic learning with the following panelists:

Olivia Paschal (Undergraduate Student, Yale)

Peter Crumlish (Executive Director of Dwight Hall, Yale)

Dragomir Radev (Computer Science Faculty Member, Yale)

Khalil Johnson (African American Studies Faculty Member, Wesleyan)

Kishwar Rizvi (History of Art Faculty Member, Yale)

A keynote speech from Joe Bandy, Assistant Director of the Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching

You can find out more information about the event, including the schedule, here:

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