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OS: Mac 10.7

Location: Northampton, Massachusetts

Safari, Firefox, Chrome and iPhone4 (Card Counting Wellesley & Smith version)



OS: Ubuntu 10.4

Location: Aarhus, Denmark

Firefox (Snake)

Chrome (Sergey Plugin Error Message)

Hole (Nokia 5210 - symbian browser)


OS: Windows 7

Location: Ploiesti, Romania

        Chrome (Snake)

        IE 7 (Hole)


OS: Mac 10.7

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada

        Chrome (Aurora, Canada Version)


OS: Win7

Location: Boston, MA

        Firefox 11: Northern Lights

        Chrome: Robot Riding Horse

        IE9: Snake


OS: Win 7

Location: Olympia, WA

        Chrome: Missing Piecepanels

        IE8: Snake


OS: Mac OS X Lion, 10.7.3

Location: London, UK

        Chrome: Sergey Plugin

        Safari: Snake

        Firefox: UK vs US

        [In both Safari and FF, widening the window revealed more ]


Location: Seattle, WA

OS: Ubuntu, a bit old

ISP: CenturyLinkwesTel

Firefox: Lake Diver Killer (probable reference to Green River Killer, also we have big lakes and police divers)

Chrome: Missing Piece

OS: Win7

ISP: Corpnet (Seattle egress)

        Firefox/Chrome: see above

        IE/Opera : Snake (I screwed up the save)

OS: Android (Gingerbread, custom ROM, T-mo SGS2)

ISP: CenturyLinkwesTel

Android browser/Skyfire/Opera Mobile/Dolphin HD: Snake

Firefox: Lake Diver Killer

ISP: T-mo: see above



Location: erfif Hugif ced, the text changes slightly (“There are only four” is removed).

iPhone4 (provided I turn off my wifi; on, I get the same as on my comp): The snake one, but small version. I can’t see the ring or the panel with the squirrel &c.


OS: Windows 7

Location: Michigan

        Chrome (Snake)

        3G Google Earth (Lake Diver Killer)

        Kindle Browser EDGE (Snake)

        Kindle Browser (Corporate Clearance Amazon variant)


Location:  Minneapolis, Minnesota

ISP: Comcast

OS:  Windows XP 64bit

Firefox:  Earthquake in SF/Blizzard in MN

IE 8:  Too Quiet (raptor)

Chrome:  Northern Lights

Android Phone Sprint Service:  Hole

Android phone using wifi w/Comcast:  Too Quiet (raptor)

Kindle 3g w/keyboard browser using wifi w/Comcast:  Too Quiet (Raptor)

Another Unregistered

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Ubuntu 11.10

Firefox: Northern Lightsd

Chrome: Turtle

Opera:Earthquake in SF/Wisconsin Blizzard

Win 7

Firefox: Northern Lights

Chrome: Turtle

Opera: Earthquake in SF/Wisconsin Blizzard

IE: Earthquake in SF/Wisconsin Blizzard

Harvard IP/Mac OS:

Firefox - MIT card counting; Safari - long snake; Chrome - scientists create life in lab


Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

OS: Windows 7

Chrome: Northern Lights

Firefox: Earthquake in SF/Hurricane in Miami (          .png )

        Message: “AAAAAAAAAAA                                                   A WHAT THE SHIIIIIIIIIT! CALM DOWN - THIS IS BARELY A CATEGORY 2”

Internet Explorer: Hole

Android 2.3 Gingerbread (both GPS enabled and disabled): Hole

Ipod Touch 2G: Hole


Location: Sydney, Australia

OS: Mac OS X

Reeder: Yesterday’s comic (Reviews)


Location: Lafayette, IN

OS: Windows 7

Chrome:  Aurora

IE:  too too quiet raptor

OS: Android through Verizon

Native Browser:  Verizon bandwidth

Firefox:  Verizon bandwidth

On computer, viewed through tethered internet from phone: Verizon bandwidth


Location: Seattle, WA

OS: Mac OS 10.7.3

Chrome (on Amazon corporate network):


Location: Akron, Ohio

OS Win 7Screenshot o

f my 6 browsers:



Location: Aachen, Germany

OS: Win 7

Chrome: The Germany related one with the Berlin blockade

Firefox: Germany

IE: Hole

Android browser (On Gingerbread): Hole


Location: Auckland, New Zealand

OS: Win 7 (sometimes Ubuntu)

ISP: Telecom

Chrome: 18.0.1025.142 m

Firefox: 11.0

IE: never.

Kindle browser


Location: Knoxville TN

OS: Win XP

ISP: Comcast

IE: [hand drawn error message] Error: Internet Explorer has given up.

Firefox: Tornado comic

OS: Blackberry 6ISP: AT&T

Blackberry browser: [hand drawn message] There does not exist - nor could there ever exist - a plugin capable of displaying this content.

Opera Mini: Canadian northern lights (?)


Germany, Munich (Win7)

Firefox: Berlin Wall

IE: Hole

wget: Hole

lynx/links: Hole



OS: Mac OS 10.4.11

ISP: Verison

Firefox:Aurora (with Boston comment)

Safari: Snake


Blacksburg, VA

OS: Mac OS 10.6.8

ISP: Verizon, I believe

Firefox: Berlin Chairlift


Alamo, CA (in SF Bay Area)

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

ISP: Comcast

Chrome: Divers

Firefox: Aurora CNN

IE: White Circle Thing

Galaxy Nexus on WiFi or Verizon 4G: White Circle Thing

Galaxy Nexus on 3G: Verizon Data Message


Schaan, Liechtenstein

OS: Mac OS 10.5.8

ISP: Telecom Liechtenstein

Safari: White Circle

Firefox: Snake


LA area, California

OS: Windows 7 Home

ISP: Cox

Firefox: Snake

Chrome: Chrome Puzzle

IE: Too Quiet

Steven N

Columbus, OH

OS: Windows 7 Enterprise

ISP: Time Warner

Firefox: Northern Lights:


Full List (Attempt)

Note: this list assumes that variations on a strip based on location or browser counts as one strip.

Someone want to help me with how to access? (See User Reports for Some Methods of Access)1. Full-Size Snake with All Easter Eggs (Needed Dual Monitors to See Entire Comic. Also note that a number of versions of this comic lack certain things in this version, i.e. the ring removed, no portals, no other end, no riding the snake, or have things added to it, i.e. sad girl, squirrel)

This animation goes through every example of the snake, courtesy of wolfiemario.

2. Dystopia Dogs (Possibly accessed through Facebook?) (fixed link, confirmed accessed through Facebook, I used Firefox)

3. The Important States (UK)

4. Lake Diver Killer

 5. You’ll Wake Up Sergey Brin

6. “White Hole”

7. Chrome Puzzle Piece (Accessed through Chrome on ___ OS)


8. Maxthon (Accessed through Maxthon Browser on ___ OS)

Variation on Maxthon using Netscape:

9. Military (Accessed through Military Domain)


10. Corporate (Accessed through Corporate Domain, has been accessed through IBM, Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Comic is altered for Amazon, Google, and Microsoft viewers. From the BBC, “Remember, report the news -- don't be the news.” is added to the strip.)

Microsoft version:

11. Card Counters (Accessed through MIT, Smith, or Wellesley Domain, name of university and punch line change based on school. Apparently, final comment about there being only four cards required some browsers to zoom out.)

12. Creation of Life (Accessed through RIT Domain or ____ anyone know the other way? Occasionally shows generic “scientists” in place of “RIT.” UMASS Amherst also reports this comic, obviously using UMASS Amherst as the school.)


13. Blizzard Disaster (Changes based on your location, below is for Chicago)


14. Hurricane Disaster (Changes based on your location, below is for DC)

Washington DC

15. Tornado Disaster (Changes based on your location, below is for the Midwest)


16. Low Earth Orbit Disaster (Assumably works like the other disaster strips, location of access currently  unknown)

Low Earth Orbit

(Wolfiemario confirmed that this was a user-made edit, not a Randall original. Incredibly impressive though!  Except that Randall would never say “breath” when he means “breathe.”)

17. Mile High Club (Accessed through Wikipedia)

Wikipedia-referred co mic

18. Too Quiet (Needed to zoom out for full strip. For example, the raptor wouldn’t show up without   zooming out. Interestingly, there appears to be a version of this comic where the raptor is not there, but the strip still extends when zoomed out.)


19. Tortoise (Needed to zoom out to see the tortoise. There is a version of this comic where the tortoise is not there.)


20. T-Mobile Error

ff 11, chromium 17.0

21. Scenery (Found it!)

22. Internet Explorer Error


23. Twitter (Accessed through Twitter, like the Wikipedia strip.)

From Twitter

24. Nonexistent Plugin

Opera Mobile & Standard browser

25. Firefox Incident Report


26. Helicopter Hunting


27. Robot Riding Horse

Robot Riding Horse

(referring to the Paul Revere’s Ride poem, shows up in related area, eg Boston)

28. Reviews (One method apparently redirects to yesterday’s strip. Boring.)

Yesterday’s comic (Reviews)

This occurs if you have Javascript turned off. This has also occurred when viewing “Umwelt” using the official XKCD iPhone app, or when browsing through last year’s april fool joke.


29. Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall

30. Found the 4chan redirect! Warning: NSFW, kind of.  moo Mk8 testing | Adobe BrowserLab

31. Reddit Redirect

32. Some Australia version has been reported on the forums. No pic, but apparently was retroactively edited by Randall. It sounds like it’s the “Leopard” (Keyboard) strip upside down with pictures of kangaroos all over it.

33. Almost forgot! There’s a hebrew comic reported. Easily accessible from Israel.


Mom, I met a great guy!

but he's not Jewish




Wait, what do you mean "neither are we"?


I'm completely confused

34. Ah, yes. French Military Victories. (403)

35. Lincoln Nanobots

36. Verizon, also, AT&T with the name switched

37. This is from Questionable Content and Something Awful.

38. Japan

39. Someone posted this, no idea where it’s from.

40. The heck? Where’d this one come from? Posted on the forum.

41. If you sign up to hear Randall speak at CNU, you might get this one, although one person reported seeing this without signing up.

42. From Rockmelt

43. There was one with a robot needing Linux to run. Don’t know if anyone’s gotten that yet - this was found when searching through the earlier urls that were actually not obfuscated.

44. There was also another one about someone walking into a bar. Again from the clearer urls.

45. Posted on Forums, accessed from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Bit of explanation, according to SomePostMan on the Reddit. The Reddit page is pretty good at analyzing the method of access, although there are a few comics here that haven’t been posted on the reddit, yet. (link:

“As geary and same3chords (via googledocs) mentioned, it's using the referrer (your "ideology"), and/or geographic location, browser, ISP, and OS to determine which comic you see. Many comics also change depending on the magnification of your browser (your "glasses prescription") or your browser's window size (your "browser window size"... okay that one was straightforward).”

Well, I’m finally done here. dsty292 out. Enjoy.

Is there any kind of systematic approach in this? (Not really. XD From dsty)


I’m having a hard time keeping up with this thread, but someone posted this in the Umwelt thread on the forum....hope this adds to the contribution:


(To other viewers: this is the strip viewable from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute domain. Thanks from dsty.)

Is everything listed here, listed HERE? (This one has more, at the moment. However, the other site appears to be documenting variations as well. Thanks from dsty)

I created a Tumblr so all the images can be displayed in one cohesive spread. I assume all of us here are interested in NOT SABOTAGING it, but the login is (an email I have no intention of ever using again, so don’t send anything to me if you expect a reply) and the pass is xkcd1037. Feel free to change it to something more difficult. Just wanted to make something that displays more nicely than scattered links, not another site;         I want others to contribute though...just got the ball rolling. Nothing is there yet but the URL is I’d start it, but I have a propensity to get involved

 in projects for the benefit of others, only to find it’s a waste of my time, as nobody gives a shit. So..I won’t start anything until I know it’s worth it


It would be great if someone had the chance to test using the Elinks browser *with* ECMAscript support. (I only have a Windows system and I think it would require extreme acrobatics to get Elinks with ECMAscript support running on a non-*nix system.)

I *have* tried with Elinks without ECMAscript support, but the result is as predictable as the Lynx result (since there is no javascript handling).



I’ve tried Elinks with scripting support, but it doesn’t show anything.  Not even the usual transcript (that all comics up until then, but none after have). -- Bobson

Also, the Wayback Machine result would have been interesting, but alas*/ has no records of since August last year.. /kb


So uuhm, how did I get this document shared? Appreciate it though ;)

Same for me, totally don’t know where I got it …

Thanks for sharing +++10:10 on December 6th 2013

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"The thing's hollow—it goes on forever—and—oh my God—it's full of stars!" <3 XKCD

[b]Robert Clark:

Just wondering, why not copy the images into this document? That way if the images get deleted or something they would still be available. Just an idea

Win7 in UT

Chrome: Northern lights

Firefox: Missing Plugin

netInter Explorer: Internet Explorer has Given Up