Written Knowledge Test Registration
We offer the test in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean and Russian.

If you need an interpreter for your test, you CANNOT take this test at our school. You will need to go to a State of WA DOL office.

$25 for your first attempt
$10 for each additional attempt

If you've already signed up for the test but need to change your scheduled date, you will need to fill out this form again.

There are many people who find "practice tests" online. These tests are NOT created/sanctioned by the state of WA or Xcelerate. The majority of people who are using these practice tests as their only method of studying are NOT passing the State test. The questions on this test are taken directly from the WA State Driver's Guide. (a link for this guide can be found on the DOL Testing page on our website) YOU MUST READ THE GUIDE or you will NOT PASS this test.

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