Wyandotte Middle School Parent Survey 16-17
Parents, the Wyandotte Public School System would like your opinion. Please take the time to complete the survey. This will remain anonymous and will be used for school improvement. Once completed, place the survey in the provided envelope and seal it. Your student will return the form to a marked box in the office and will receive a free ice cream. Surveys need to be returned by Friday, April 29. Thank you!
Students at our school receive an education that is appropriate to their learning needs.
Our school is doing a good job of preparing students for high school.
Students have access to individual academic or behavioral support.
The grading policies are administered fairly at our school.
Teachers hold high expectations for student learning.
Teachers are available to give students assistance with assignments.
Teachers give students personal encouragement in their work.
Students are treated fairly by school administrators.
Our school provides challenges for students who excel in a subject.
Students feel safe at our school.
The teachers and administration consistently enforce school rules.
Our school provides a safe and orderly environment for learning.
Teachers regularly communicate with parents about individual student progress.
Teachers at this school really care about students.
The school has high academic standards for all students.
The teachers believe that ll students can learn.
The Online Gradebook Management System helps me monitor my student's progress.
Middle School Transitions helped my student to be successful in school.
Students at our school show respect for each other.
My student is motivated to do their best.
The School Reach (automated phone system) is a good communication tool.
As a parent I keep my contact information at the school current.
My child is in the following grade:
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