JC Roberson Flooring Survey
As a customer of JC Roberson flooring we want to make sure we are doing all we can to please you. Please help us improve in our Business, Below is a short survey, of 5 questions, we would like for you to help fill out. We strive to keep a 5 star Rating and if there is something we can do to improve we want to know what it is. Thank you so much for using JC Roberson Flooring for your flooring needs. We would love to be able to have you listed as a reference. If this is not okay with you just click No for the last question on the page.
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1. How would you rate your floors being installed in a timely manner? *
2. How would you rate the Crew on Courtesy, helpfulness and knowledge of laying floors? *
3. How would you rate the scheduling and convenient timing for your Floors to be installed? *
4.How would you rate the installation prices when compared to other professional Flooring Contractors? *
5. How would you rate the crew putting your home back in a workable order after completing the job? *
May we add your contact information to our reference list? *
Please if you have any other comments, list them below. Thank you again for for helping us improve in our business.
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