2018 Talent Show Information & Sign Up
The talent show is open to any member of Western Middle School (Students, Teachers, Staff, etc.). Your entry must be completed before you arrive for a live audition after school Thursday, May 24th in the choir room (or email your video to bethany.bickel@wsdpanthers.org with the subject line "Talent Show Audition").

Signing Up:
You may sign up using this link at any time until auditions. If you need to change group members or song titles, fill this form out again with NEW information. The last form you complete will be used.

Advice for choosing a group:
Pick people who will WORK with you and PERFORM WELL, not just your friends. Keep the group small enough that you won't get distracted (more than 6 is likely too many). BOY SINGERS-make sure your range is close to the rest of your group so matching notes isn't a problem. Performing ALONE is not a good idea unless you've done it before many times.

Choosing a song:
You may choose piano accompaniment OR a karaoke track (usually from YouTube & it cannot have any singing along). Mr. Bickel can play about anything so you can use live keyboard & drums for the performance. A good website for purchase & download of piano/sheet music is www.musicnotes.com They have a ton of music and you can choose the key you sing in best! An adult will have to pay online for the music. You may be able to get a free download elsewhere, but purchasing copy-written music is one way we keep the music industry in business.

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All members of your act need to be present for the rehearsal on Wednesday, May 30th if you have a live performance. Write this in your calendars & confirm. *
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