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Student Platform for Engineering Education Development (SPEED) has been organizing student forums across different countries since 2009. The events focus on a different theme every year and engage students in engineering education discussions. The outcomes of the workshops are the action plans which the participants develop during the workshop. Participants implement these action plans in their local regions after the workshop. The duration of the workshop is 2 days where the first day includes an ice breaking session, introduction to the theme of the forum and a group brainstorming session. The second day starts with a presentation on the importance of action plan development
followed by development of action plans by the participants by exploring the theme and involves presentation of the action plans by various groups.

Engineering Education in an Informal Learning Environment Engineering Education (EE) is the process of teaching principles and imparting knowledge related to the field of engineering. There has been a continual improvement in the content of EE provided to the students every year. The curriculum is constantly under review and it keeps changing based on the technology requirements of the outer world. In the present scenario, there is not only a considerable amount of work being conducted on the content being delivered but also on the process of delivering EE to students. Academicians across the globe are working on how to inculcate various EE pedagogies into their curriculum.

The role of students taking part in the discussions on enhancing engineering education all across the globe has been very minimal. Very few engineering organizations work towards making students as one of the stakeholders in these discussions and creating actions. SPEED (Student Platform for Engineering Education Development) is one of the global organizations, which has taken this as core objective. At the South African Student Forum, students will have an opportunity to establish a dialogue on EE with various stakeholders in the community.

During this event, the students would be made to come up with ideas, which could address key engineering education challenges inside their local universities and communities. These ideas will be further broken down in form of an action plan. The participants would implement these action plans after the forum as an informal extracurricular activity.

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