Candidate sourcing criteria
Recruiters spend so much time on candidate sourcing - up to 75% of their time in the entire recruitment cycle! That's why at Founders Factory, we're building an AI talent insight platform, Lorenzo - a tool to bring the sourcing workflow from hours and days to seconds. So you can focus on the human aspect of recruitment - building rapport and relationships with your candidates.

Do you know of someone who might be great for the role? Just give Lorenzo their LinkedIn profile URL, and Lorenzo will find similar candidates for you. Lorenzo compares candidates' career history and skills as well as the context of the companies they work for (e.g. industry, specialities, size, stage, funding, etc.).

We'd love to understand your candidate sourcing criteria, so we can prioritise our development efforts and make sure Lorenzo is built for you. It'd be much appreciated if you could complete this survey (~ 5 minutes). Thanks for your help in advance!

If you'd like to know more about Lorenzo, please feel free to contact Zara ( - Product Manager at Founders Factory.

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