Woodcroft Online Safety Parent Survey
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1. Please tick the age of the child you are completing this survey about. *
2. Does your child have access to a smartphone with apps and social media? *
3. How often does your child have access to their smartphone?
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4. Does your child have access to a tablet, iPad or laptop/computer at home?
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5. Do you limit the amount of time or how many times your child plays on games or apps, social media or uses the previously mentioned technology per day? *
6. If you do limit the time your child spends on games, apps or the previously mentioned technology, how long do you let your child play for and why?
7. Do you think that your child is safe whilst playing games, on apps and social media or when using the previously mentioned technology? *
8. What steps have you made to ensure your child's safety? (i.e. education, content blocking etc.)
9. Have you received any guidance to keep your child safe online? *
10. If you have received guidance, where has this information come from?
11. Are you aware of the age limits on games, social networks, apps and websites?
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12. If you are concerned about your child's social media use, please tell us why.
13. Do you think your child has experienced online bullying? *
14. Do you have any further comments about your child's use of technology?
15. Please enter your email if you'd like us to send you a list of useful links.
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