Earn $500! - Refer a Business (W2B)
Refer a business and earn an Amazon gift card for the first $500 of the service fees we make from that customer!
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*Wonolo Referral Program Rules:

You may refer eligible businesses to become new customers on the Wonolo platform. In order to be eligible for a referral reward, the business must (i) have never previously been signed-up or started an application to become a customer with Wonolo; (ii) have never previously been referred; (iii) use your Wonolo referral code, and (iv) have paid the Service Fees. Other rules, (i) Wonolo Sales team will contact the interested business to sign them up; (ii) referring a business does not guarantee their progress to sign-up and earn $500 in Service Fees (iii) Service Fees vary depending on Requestor usage. Wonolo cannot guarantee the Requestor will meet the minimum amount of Service Fees required for bonus to be paid.

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