Annual Vendor Administration Form
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Vendor at the Wolfville Farmers' Market at this exciting time in the life of our organization. If you have not already read the Policies and Procedures, please backtrack, read them and then proceed with filling in this Admin Form. We want a culture of informed vendors and we want you to know what you are getting yourself into! All Vendors need to fill this Admin Form in annually, but if this is your first time, then you can expect contact from the Market Manager within two weeks to determine whether or not their is room for you and your products at the market for the period you are requesting. If the Market Manager is negligent (it does happen....), then feel free to send off an email after two weeks has passed (contact info on contact page of website) to gently prod.

Ok, so now go a ahead and tell us who you are, what you want to sell and what makes your product unique.

Thanks for your time,

Kelly Marie Redcliffe
Market Manager
Wolfville Farmers' Market

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Only Primary and Secondary Producers are allowed to sell their products at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market. Primary Producers grow or harvest their own product (ex. produce, meat, honey). Secondary Producers use raw product to make something new (ex. jams, artwork, soaps, pasta).
Producer Category *
Please give a detailed description of products that you plan to sell at the WFM that are of your own production. What makes your product unique? *
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Please indicate your percentage of anticipated gross sales in the following Product Categories
Total must equal 100%
Garden Produce (Veg, Fruit, Herbs, etc)
Bread/Baked Products
Prepared Food for Take-Home
Prepared Single-Serving Food/Beverage for On-Site Consumption
Please provide a detailed list of any products that you would like to sell at the market that you are not producing yourself to be considered for approval. Indicate the product and the source.
Food vendors only are able to sell up 25% gross sales of product not of their own production, but must receive approval from the Market Manager to do this.
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Casual Vendors attend the Market for less than 5 months of the year, have no assigned space, and are not on contract.
Contracted Vendors attend a minimum of 5 months per year and have an assigned space.
Only Contracted Vendors who wish to attend both the Saturday and Wednesday Market may have have a semi-permanent display at their assigned space (meaning that you can keep it set up, except for the odd special event) .
Which days of the week are you applying to attend? *
Would you like to attend as a Casual Vendor or as a Contracted Vendor *
Contract Start Date (If applicable)
Contracts can be written for vendors attending a minimum of 5 months (on Saturdays, Wednesdays or both). If you would like a contract, what period would you like your contract to cover?
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Contract End Date (If applicable)
Must cover a minimum of 5 months
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If you wish to attend as a casual, or for less than 5 months of the year, which season are you interested in attending:
The Wolfville Farmers’ Market is a cooperative and in the spirit of this, all weekly vendors agree to assist with set-up or tear-down for one month of the year (on either the Wednesday or Saturday Market).
When can you help? *
In which months could you potentially help with these tasks? *
Are you interested in becoming a member of the Board of Directors?
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