Social Studies Resources Grade 4

Please add information as much as you can. We will look over all the resources to add to the curriculum frames. Whatever you offer to your peers, we hope you'll get back in kind. There are five questions to answer for each frame in your grade. One is about the literature you use (read-alouds, multiple-copies, etc.), websites (any that have been particularly useful), kits/resources (indicate where they might be available to other teachers), and "other". In this other section, we are asking about field trips, speakers, visitors, videos, virtual field trips, collaborations, and activities. One part of this question is a checklist; the other is a place to give details about the "other"--so you might name the place you go for a field trip, or describe a collaboration you have done, etc. We will be glad to have whatever information you are able to share, and hope you will find the information that comes back to you will be useful in your own teaching. Thanks. Social Studies Committee
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