Equipment Check-out / Reservation Form
Use this form to reserve, check out and return equipment from the School of Music Office.

Our goal is to keep our equipment inventory secure and available for all who need it! It is normally expected that equipment will be returned within a couple of hours. If you need to keep something longer, please check with the office staff first.
e.g., (Note: Don't hit return after typing your email. It will submit a blank form.)
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WAIT! Check Reservations First!
BEFORE you check out an item, make sure it has not already been reserved by someone else for today. Below is a list of reservation requests (not necessarily in chronological order). To cancel a past reservation, check the box and submit.
Check Out Equipment
Check OUT Equipment
If you wish to check out a piece of equipment (e.g., projector), select it from the list below and submit the form. If the equipment you are borrowing isn't on this list, use the special equipment section below.
Special Equipment Check OUT
If you are borrowing a special item (not on the list above), write in the name or description below and submit.
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Reserve Equipment
If you would like to reserve an item for a specific occasion or recurring weekly class or an extended length of time, please write the name of the item, the date or day (e.g., Mondays), start time, and end time. Then submit.
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Return Equipment
Equipment listed below is currently checked out. Please return it as soon as you're done using it. Check the button to indicate its return and then submit!
Special Check-IN
If you are returning a special write-in item, select your name from the list below and submit.
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