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The Career Development Center guides students in career planning, goal setting, and preparation for your future career. Our services include resume reviews, mock interviews, job searching assistance, LinkedIn, and much more! If you want to make an appointment to discuss any of these items, please stop by the CDC (Memorial Hall 125) front desk or call 309-298-1838.

Some of our unique services include:
*Two Skype rooms for interviews with companies
*Two Career & Internship Fairs every year
*A professional clothing closet called The Captain's Closet, which has FREE suits, work pants, blouses, shirts, ties, and much more!
*Job Searching Scholarships awarded every semester

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1. Please state a long-term (5 years) career goal. *
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2. Write two short-term goals that will help you achieve the long-term career goal. (Be as specific as possible using the S.M.A.R.T goal method - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, & Timely) Here's an example: "I will apply for two jobs per week for the entire Fall Semester and connect with individuals from those companies on LinkedIn." *
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3. On a scale of 1-10, how prepared do you feel to enter the workforce and successfully execute your job? *
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4. On a scale of 1-10, how prepared do you feel to apply for jobs, network with professionals, and interview with employers? *
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5. Please check-mark each box if you have the following documents and job searching skills. *
If you did not check-mark some of the below items, we can help you! Stop by the front desk at the CDC or call 309-298-1838 to set-up an appointment to discuss these necessary skills and documents you need before you graduate!.
6. Here is an example of a professional resume. How confident do you feel that your resume will stand out from other job candidates? *
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Very confident
Example Resume
7. Interviewing can be a stressful experience, but is a necessary part of the job/internship search process. Please watch this video. How confident do you feel in your interviewing abilities? *
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Mock Interview
8. LinkedIn is an important aspect of job searching, networking, and professional development. Do you have a LinkedIn account? *
9. Check out this list of common benefits companies offer to new employees. 1. Which benefits are your top priorities in a job? 2. What financial strategies will you use to save for retirement, home loans, and other large costs? *
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10. How has WIU prepared you for your future career? Be specific. *
Please let us know if you are willing to let University Admissions or the Career Development Center use your quote for marketing materials!
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You're Almost Finished with your Graduation Application Requirements......
1. Have you signed up for Leatherneck Link, yet? Please go to and create your FREE job searching account.

2. Do you have a signature from the Alumni Association? You can stop by the Alumni House located on Adams Street to get your form signed.

3. Do you want to make an appointment to create career goals, plan your job searching strategy, and/or work on your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, interviewing strategies, and more? Please stop by our front desk in Memorial Hall 125 or call 309-298-1838 to make an appointment!

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