OHS Safety Sprint Session - CIMM Result Umpire Ledger
This data mask is designated for the thorough documentation of the Sprint Session Discussions for the documentation in the Cause-Incident-Measure-Map (CIMM) by the Umpire.

During the OHS Safety Sprint the Umpire will record the results of the Sprint Session Discussions in this ledger.

Prior to the conduction of the OHS-Sprint with the Team the Umpire is required to pledge his/her neutrality towards all of the parties involved:

OHS-Sprint Pledge of the Umpire:

"I solemnly declare to conduct this OHS-Sprint in a neutral manner.

All topics documented in the anonymous surveys will be addressed in an impartial way.

I will only refer to topics in an indirect manner without quotes or hints on how often such a topic was covered.

I pledge to cover all topics which are reported in the survey in a formal, structured manner.

During the joint Team Session I will moderate the discussion as an arbitrator. For this I strive to generate a consensus on the Session Results. In the case of variable opinion and session participants are divided, everything will be recorded in the CIMM Map as a minority vote, for the cause analysis and the measures setting.

You can hold me accountable to these rules."

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