GT Survey for Parents 2016-2017
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Gifted and Talented identification process includes at least 3 criteria from multiple sources for assessment.
An informational meeting, for the parent, on the identification process and procedures are done at least once a year.
An identification timeline is established and posted annually and Parents, students and teachers are notified of the nomination period.
Enrichment opportunities such as UIL, Robotics and Coding are provided during the year.
GT students are grouped together throughout the school year.
GT students are serviced in the QUEST classroom at least 3 hours per week.
The School Board has approved policies and procedures for the GT handbook.
Appropriately challenging learning experiences are provided in the four core areas.
Services are provided in arts, leadership and creativity.
Research opportunities are available to students during QUEST time.
Students are provided opportunities to create advanced projects and performances.
Orientation, open houses or periodic updates are provided for parents.
Written policies regarding Gifted and Talented services are disseminated to parents.
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