UW Student Reps 2017-18 Application for Appointed Roles
If you are interested in holding an appointed position in Student Reps for the 2017-18 year, please fill out this form! Note that all positions other than Chair and Vice Chair are appointed with a subsequent confirmation by Reps voters. The incoming Chair will establish a process for collecting any additional applications, interviewing applicants, and making final decisions on appointment.

All submissions to this form will be public and may be viewed immediately at the following link:

Please see the current bylaws here for responsibilities of each position:

Current constitution (last revised 2014): https://www.wisconsin.edu/student-representatives/download/UW-Student-Reps-Constitution.pdf

If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to Chair Graham Pearce at graham.pearce@wisc.edu.

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Executive Committee or Director Roles
Please select the appointed position(s) you are applying for. Please note that the incoming Chair will establish the process and timeline for review of applicants to appointed roles. All information you provide here will be passed along to the incoming Chair. You may use the "Other" box to define a Director role you would like to propose be created.
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