Sales Leadership Diagnostic. Sales Team Version
Less than 5 minutes to complete 15 questions
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When in sales meetings either 1:1 with your manager or as a team what best describes the approach taken? *
Which approach to forecasting best describes the way your manager operates? *
How would you describe your managers’ approach to sales planning and optimising your sales performance? *
How does your manager review personal sales performance? *
To what extent is sales management focused on sales activity management? *
What’s your perception of your manager’s emphasis with regard to field visiting? *
What is your manager’s approach during sales visits? *
How ‘people focused’ is your manager? *
What is your sales manager’s approach to sales ‘league tables? *
To what extent does sales management rely on incentive schemes to motivate individuals? *
How would you describe your managers ‘management style’? *
What is your manager’s involvement in sales training? *
What is your manager’s approach to major account planning? *
How does your manager drive lead generation? *
What is your manager’s approach to setting sales targets? *
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