Sales Leadership Diagnostic. Business Leader Version
Less than 5 minutes to complete 15 questions
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Based on your knowledge what’s the modus operandi in sales meetings? *
How effective is your organisations sales forecasting? *
How is activity planning and performance managed within the sales team? *
How is performance reviewed and managed in your sales operation? *
How is sales activity planning synchronised to the delivery of the business objectives? *
What’s your sales management team’s approach to for field accompaniment? *
How are joint sales visits managed within your operation? *
Where does your sales management team invest its time? *
How do league tables and incentive schemes direct sales activity in your organisation? *
What’s the function of sales incentive schemes in your business? *
How would you describe the management style of your sales management team? *
How does your management team deliver sales training and development? *
What’s the importance of major account planning in your sales team? *
How is lead generation managed in your sales function? *
How integrated are sales targets to the delivery of the business objectives? *
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