School District of Wild Rose Website Survey
We are conducting a survey to better understand the needs of our students, staff, and community in accessing and obtaining electronic information from the website for the School District of Wild Rose. Please take a brief moment to complete. We appreciate and value your feedback.
How often do you visit the District/School website? (select one)
When visiting the District/School website, what information are you seeking? (select all that apply)
The District/School Website is easy to navigate
From which sources do you receive most school information? (select all that apply)
How do you typically access the District/School website?
What is the top communication tool you currently use to obtain information?
What is the Social Media network you personally use the most?
What devices do you own/use?
My smartphone is the primary device I use to organize and communicate with my family.
I check my smartphone consistently throughout the day.
I read text messages sent to my phone soon after receiving them.
How informed are you about events and activities happening at school? (select one)
I would like to get more updates on what goes on in my child's school.
What topics do you want to hear more about? (select all that apply)
What information is missing from our District/School website that you would like access too?
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