US/Canada Education Program Assignment Design: Fall 2012

In the four semesters of the Wikipedia Education Program and Public Policy Initiative, our students have produced some great work on Wikipedia. We have tried to engage all professors in a post-assignment assessment or survey so we can continue to improve the class experience and quality of work students are adding to Wikipedia. Over and over again, professors express a desire for more guidance in building an assignment that will work well on-wiki while still meeting important goals. So we created the orientation resource for professors, which you can use to guide you through this form. This form will provide us the information that we think is important for providing feedback before the assignment begins. Thank you, ahead of time, for taking the time to fill this out. We truly believe these steps will result in a better student experience!
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Professor information

This section covers some basic information about who you are and what your relationship has been with Wikipedia. Remember, it's ok if this is your first experience teaching with Wikipedia!

Course description

The answer to the following questions provide us with an outline of your class topic and demographics, so we can help pair you with an appropriate Campus and Online Ambassador.

Wikipedia assignment

The answers to the following questions provide an outline for your intended Wikipedia assignment. You should use any and all resources to help you with assignment design, if this is your first Wikipedia assignment. You can use our online orientation for professors, Case Studies brochure, and/or Education portal to see past professors' assignments and grading rubrics. Please utilize this resource to create the best possible assignment, as you will have a much higher chance of being selected to join the Education Program. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jami Mathewson at

Goals of your Wikipedia Assignment

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