Registration Form - Wikimedia Diversity Conference (9-10 November 2013, Berlin)

Please mind the date: If you would like to take part at the Wikimedia Diversity Conference, please register until 20 September 2013. Please use only this form to register, it takes about 30 minutes to complete.

The Wikimedia Diversity Conference aims at establishing a sustainable dialogue with collaborators from the Wikimedia Chapters, the Wikimedia Foundation and the international communities to frame the issue of diversity in the context of Wikimedia.

We would like to develop a shared understanding of what diversity means for the Wikimedia projects and why it is important to connect, create and multiply successful initiatives for increasing gender equality and diversity in general.

On the following pages you will be asked to deliver the following information:

1. Personal data: name, address, etc.

2. Visa assistance: – if applicable – you will need your passport at hand

3. Travel information and conference attendance details: You will be asked about your estimated arrival and departure dates and your attendance at the conference.

4. Submission of your session: – if applicable – details about your submission like title, session description and CV (both with max. 150 words)

5. Questions regarding your privacy at the conference: Please let us know whether we can take pictures of you and video stream your talk or not.

6. Scholarships for travelling: – if applicable – Please state the estimated costs of your flights and provide reasons why you should be granted scholarship.

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