KWCW Spring 2014 DJ Application

Applications will be accepted no later than Wednesday, January 22, 2014. Applicants will be notified regarding the status of their application by Friday, January 24th, 2014. New DJ training sessions will take place Tuesday-Friday from 5-6pm from January 27-31th (New DJs must attend only one session) Spring 2014 Programming will begin Tuesday, January 27st. If you have further questions about the application process or about KWCW in general, please contact Kalen Bergado, KWCW General Manager, at Thanks for applying! Application Guidelines & Further Information: 1) Per its mission statement, KWCW seeks to... a) Provide students and members of the greater Walla Walla community with the opportunity to develop skills working with the radio broadcasting medium by prioritizing student and community produced programming. b) Emphasize new, independently produced, and/or non-mainstream music to educate and entertain listeners. c) Provide a forum for a plurality of viewpoints and voices. d) Encourage its volunteers to creatively explore different realms of broadcasting, be it talk radio, radio drama, comedy, live performances, airing of audio collages/pastiches, field recordings, etc. If the above KWCW musical goals are ones you approve of and ones that align with what you'd like to do on the KWCW airwaves, we encourage your application. Past successful applicants have included those devoting their shows to Native American music, underground hip-hop, call-in love advice, bluegrass, LGBTQ issues, blues, Celtic music, Spanish-language music, local music, and poetry, to name just a few. 2) All first-time KWCW broadcasters will be appropriately trained in operating procedures. No official certification is necessary but a grasp of mechanical broadcasting basics is. If that sounds intimidating, it really isn't; we generally find that most potential broadcasters can be trained in the use of KWCW's broadcasting equipment in under an hour.
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