Whitman Teaches The Movement Application 2016-2017
All selected volunteers must commit to attend training's on Tuesday, January 17th, Wednesday, January 18th, or Thursday January 19th. All volunteers also must commit to teaching in the classroom for at least one hour-- preferably two-- during the weeks of January 23rd-27th and/or January 20th-February 3rd. All volunteers are strongly encouraged to teach more than two lesson in those two weeks. There will be six curricula taught this year, if you would like to teach one to a local classroom, you must go to the training for that specific curriculum. THE DEADLINE IS MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28TH AT 11:59PM
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Short Answer Section
These questions are simply to gain information about why our volunteers participate in WTTM. Please answer these questions in 1 to 2 short sentences.
Why are you interested in teaching civil rights in Walla Walla schools with Whitman Teaches the Movement?
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What is one of the most valuable things you have learned about civil rights, equity, race, or diversity?
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Grade Preferences
While we will make our best effort to accommodate your preferences for which grade you wish to teach, placing students in classrooms will depend on number of classrooms participating, number of student volunteers, and your class schedule next semester. Your flexibility with regard to grade placement is greatly appreciated and very helpful.
Please rank all five possible grades, in order of which you would most like to teach. *
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Comments about choices, such as "I'm willing to teach any grade" or "I would like to teach both 5th and 2nd grade."
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Training Dates and Times
Below are the times and dates for each of the training's. Some of the training times have been combined with another group- but you will NOT be taught both curriculum. Please indicate which ones you WILL be able to attend. Select all that apply.
This section is asking about your availability NEXT SEMESTER. We know that not all of your schedules are finalized and may change, but please do your best to select times that you will be able to stick to.

Please select the times that you ARE available based on your schedule for NEXT SEMESTER. We will be assigning you to a classroom and teaching partner based on your responses to this schedule.

Availability on Mondays
Availability on Tuesdays
Availability on Wednesdays
Availability on Thursdays
Availability on Fridays
Other Questions
Are you willing to teach more than one lesson in the classrooms? *
You are strongly encouraged to teach at least two classrooms. This could either be the same lesson or teaching a different lesson.
Do you have a car that you are willing to drive with other students to the local schools? *
If you DON'T have a car are you willing to drive to local schools with other students in a car that is provided to you? *
Is there anything else we should know when assigning you to a classroom? For example, somebody you would like to work with.
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How did you hear about WTTM?
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