WSV PTO 2017-18 Grant Application
WSV PTO offers two grant cycles throughout the year. Requests must be submitted electronically before midnight on the first Monday of November (for Cycle 1) and the first Monday of March (for Cycle 2). Requests will be considered and voted on at the PTO meeting the following week (second Tuesday of each month). PTO membership has budgeted $3,000 for each cycle:

Cycle 1 - Request due November 6, 2017 (decision made at PTO meeting November 14, 2017)
Cycle 2 - Request due March 5, 2018 (decision made at PTO meeting March 13, 2018)

Please note: Grant applications should be received and approved prior to expenses being made for the request/project/program. Funds will be distributed only after approval of the grant. Our expectation is that grants funded in one school year will be expended in that same school year, by June 30. If grant funds will not be spent until the following school year, this must be clearly stated in the application.

PTO would like to be billed for the items/service. If payment needs to be made before the items/service can be provided, the PTO must be invoiced. Please use the PTO check request form and/or PTO reimbursement form. Contact the PTO Treasurer for guidance at


Teachers and staff from Whitson Elementary, Wallace & Priscilla Stevenson Intermediate, and Henkle Middle, plus parents and community members.

Programs/projects for the educational enrichment of students
Enjoyable “extras” beyond basic education: art, music, technology, experiences
Programs that benefit an entire group of students (all fifth graders, all English Language Learners, all Whitson students, etc.)
Requests from grade-level teams
Purchases of equipment, books, and materials for single classes (or more), particularly if the items are durable and will benefit students for more than one year.
One-time events or field trips for single classes are considered, but are low priority, and should include a significant contribution toward the trip or event funding by another source.

Items/programs that should be paid for by district/building funds
Substitute teacher costs
Anything outside the K-8 spectrum
Anything that does not enrich the education of K-8 students

We do not have funding available for emergency grants. Applications submitted after the above Grant Cycle due dates will be considered during the next grant cycle.

Principal approval is required for all grant requests. Please discuss your request with the Principal prior to applying, and CC your application to the principal when submitting to the PTO.

Questions may be directed to:
Your principal
Your PTO Teacher Co-Chair
The PTO board (
The PTO Treasurer (

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