Whitehall High School Student Assistance Program Referral
SAP Referrals are only checked during the school day. If you are making this referral during after-school hours and your concerns are urgent in nature, please contact the Lehigh County Mental Health Crisis Hotline at (610) 782-3127 to receive immediate assistance. If there is a life-threatening emergency, call “911” or visit your nearest emergency room.

Core Student Assistance Program Members: Michelle Le, Suzanne Hetten, Doug Bonshak, Tom Falzone, Alicia Knauff, Meredith Kester, Christina Stoudt, Mike Yadush, Laura Goldfeder, Jennifer Bodnar, Linda MacGill, Richard LaDuke, Chad Stefanyak, Amy Madeira

Please check observable behaviors and any comments for the student referred to the Student Assistance Program.

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