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Howdy Folks,

If you played with us last year, you know that we are all about fun. Races will follow the same formats as last year and will be mass start but may have different laps for juniors, women and men depending on our conditions and location.

This year for Hugh Jass we are ADDING RACE CATEGORIES for "adult" "racers" in 2016-2017 :)

Please self select yourself in either of the following:

Women 18+ Elite
Women 18+ Citizen
Men 18+ Elite
Men 18+ Citizen

Top 3 finishers in each category will win prizes each race.

Everyone will default into Citizen categories if you do not fill out this form; however, if you place in the top 1-3 Citizen category 2+ times at our races, and you will automatically be bumped to Elite.

All categories will be pooled together for the Points Race that lasts all season, and this is where the big prizes come into play (Bikes, Wheelsets, Cameras, Boots, Racks... etc.). We recognize there are other events throughout the season, so points will be calculated based off of your top 6 races. For more details:

Winning is fun, but remember if you are not having fun you are not doing our races right. THE REAL POINT IS TO HAVE FUN, and meet great people this fall/winter.

Questions: Email Amelia (

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