WHCC Room Reservation
This form is to make a request use of the WHCC facility.
After you filling out this form, we will send out a confirmation email for the final room assignment. If there is any conflict, church office will arrange for you. The deadline is every Friday by noon. If you need room during the weekend after deadline, please check the bulletin board or whcchome.org for details.
Contact Person 聯絡人: *
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Contact Phone number 聯絡電話: *
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Your Email 聯絡電郵 *
Please fill in your email address.
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Date 使用日期 *
When is the date of the meeting?
Start Time 開始時間: *
When is the start time of the meeting
End Time 結束時間: *
When is the end time of the meeting?
Is this a recurring event? 這是例行的聚會嗎?
How often does the meeting recur? 聚會的頻率?
Room Requested 使用場地 *
Please tell us the rooms you are requesting. Class room with carpetFor church floor plan, please check https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/whcchome.org/Documents/Bdg+Floor+Plan.pdf
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Activity 活動內容 *
Please tell us the details of how the room(s) will be used.
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Number of People 參與人數: *
Please tell us the total number of people you expect at this event.
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Ministry Usage 教會事工/小組/機構/私人 *
For private usage, please contact church office for details.
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Setting 擺設: Tables/Chairs
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Person to Open/Lock Entrance 開/關大門負責人
If your activity time is other than regular hours(Monday 9-5, Tuesday-Friday 8-10, Saturday & Sunday 8-5), please let us know who has key and password to turn on/off the building security system.
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Equipment 需要器材:
Please write the quantity of the equipment on comments if you need more than one. Thank you.
Comments 其他事宜:
Use the space to tell us anything else about your event. If you need to contact us directly, please email to secretary@whcchome.org
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