Request space on the ZSR Library's digital signs to promote events from student organizations and other WFU groups.
Accepted announcements will display on signs in the Library Atrium, the Reference area, the Room 401 study area, and the 6th floor elevator lobby.
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We prioritize space on our digital signs for student organizations and other campus groups. We are usually not able to post information for non-WFU affiliated groups. ZSR reserves the right to review all requests, and to deny material deemed inappropriate.
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When would you like ZSR to start displaying your information? We can usually do a maximum of two weeks in advance.
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This is usually the day of your event, or the last day of a multi-day event.
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You can get your image to us by uploading on this form, sharing it through Google Drive or Dropbox, or mailing it to us.

Images for our digital signs should be a high-quality file in TIFF, PNG, or JPEG format (GIF is not recommended), with all the text and artwork you are using. We recommend an image size of approximately 960x620 pixels (we will resize the image as necessary).

The text should include the name of the organization, and the time, date, and location of the event. You are responsible for obtaining permission to use any copyrighted art work in your image.

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