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INTERNSHIP PROCEDURES AND REQUIREMENTS In conjunction with the Wake Forest University Press, WFU's Library Partners Press is now accepting applications for Internship Co-Ops for upcoming semesters.  Currently enrolled WFU students may intern for class credit, or simply for the learning experience. If applying for class credit, you may receive credit toward your Journalism or English major. *
GUIDELINES If applying for class credit, please also inquire directly to Journalism or English Department Chair or Acting Chair.  If application is satisfactory, obtain Chair or Acting Chair’s signature on the form. Chair or Acting Chair will submit application to the WFU Press Director or Manager/Assistant Director will schedule a joint interview.  Allow at least 7-10 days for a response from the University Press or the Library Partners Press to your application.  Because of limited physical space, not every internship application may be approved.  After receiving authorization, register for the Journalism course or for English course as instructed by your faculty adviser or Chair. *
DUTIES Overview of the current publishing climate, including such areas as digital publishing, foreign rights, the status of independent and corporate bookstore, copyright issues, sales, marketing, social media, and stages of publishing from proofreading to actual publication. General office work including answering phone, responding to unsolicited manuscripts, helping with mailing of galleys and review copies, fulfilling book orders, and more. Hands-on Press experience with: subsidiary rights and copyright issues; customer service and order fulfillment; Irish authors and Irish and British publishers; proofreading and manuscript processes and production; marketing and promotional outreach, including e-newsletter, Facebook, blogs, Wikipedia, website enrichment, and customer development; during some semesters, poetry readings and visits by WFU Press poets. Hands-on Digital Publishing assistance with online marketing, including: writing taglines that serve as a quick, one-line marketing pitch for target audiences; choosing appropriate subject categories based on books’ genres that are used by book-selling industry to identify and group books by subject matter;  selecting keywords based on books’ genre and themes that help improve online discoverability and distribution;  writing book book descriptions that display on books’ online detail pages and highlights the books’ marketable themes;  developing enticing back cover text that grabs readers' attention and sets books apart from others in the market; and crafting author biographies that shares storytellers’ backgrounds and establishes their credibility as an author. Meet deadlines.   *
EXPECTATIONS: You must have a minimum departmental grade point average of 2.5; you must work a total of two semesters, even if both are not counted for hours of class credit; you must work a minimum of 60 hours to receive 1.5 hours of credit or 120 hours for 3 hours of credit; you may not count any more than three hours of internship credit toward the major or toward graduation; you must be evaluated at end of internship by a faculty member with input from WFU Press Director or Manager/Assistant Director; you should bring your own laptop to work during your internship. *
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