ZSR Library Exhibit Proposal
The Exhibition Review Committee welcomes exhibition proposals in the following formats: photography, painting, drawing, sculpture and course/research projects or banners for the Library Terrace. Successful proposals are designed to highlight significant library, university, local or national events, art, or scholarship and may also relate to the library’s resources or the general interest of our patrons.

The subject matter will be appropriate to the interests of the general academic community, and presented on a level appropriate for a university library. The Library will ensure that the physical presentation of the intellectual content presents narratives in a visually compelling way.

The expectation of the Committee is that applicants will have a clear proposal that includes a compelling and feasible project that will fit appropriately in dedicated exhibit space in the library. Exhibits that require electricity cannot be supported at this time. The Exhibition Review Committee expects that the exhibitor will provide necessary labels and signage that will provide context. If support is needed for labels, signage, installation materials, etc, please explicitly include that information in the request. Exhibitors should also be prepared to assist in the installation and de-installation of their exhibit. Each individual placing an exhibit in ZSR will be expected to clean the cases and the glass after removing their exhibit.
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