Officials Certification Evaluation
Use this Evaluation form to provide feedback to, and about, an Official regarding their performance in a game, and how their in-game performance affected that game. You must be logged into a Google account with a valid email address to complete this form.

Please note that any information submitted to Certification via any channel (Eval, OOS, email, or Feedback on Character) may be shared with the grievance committees of the various governing bodies (WFTDA, MRDA, JRDA, or NGBs). The content may also be used in review summaries in a de-identified and paraphrased form.

You can read a tutorial on how to fill out this document, including examples of "good evaluations," here:
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This is how both Certification and the Official you are evaluating will identify you, so please identify yourself in a way they will recognize.
Your role in the Event *
In what capacity are you filling out this Evaluation? If you had more than one role over the course of a tournament, choose the best option. It is also OK to fill out more than one eval for the same event if you had different roles during different games.
Official to Evaluate
Choose the official you are evaluating. Only Certified Officials and Uncertified Officials who have opted in can be evaluated.

If you have trouble finding the official, check the online roster of certified officials here: or ask the official to "opt in" to receive evaluations, using this form: 
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Shared Performance Analysis *
Describe this Official's in-game performance, and how the performance affected the game in question. This information will be shared with the Official being evaluated. You can write as much as you want here, even though it looks like it's just one line.
Broader Feedback
In this section, you can note how performance or conduct shown in this game may have impact beyond the game in question, even if they did not have an effect on this specific game. Certification will look for these broader themes during Certification Review. You can write as much as you want here, even though it looks like it's just one line.
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Do you want your "broader feedback" to be shared with the Official? If this is a self-evaluation, you may leave this blank.
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Please rate the extent to which you would want future games to include this official in this role. This response is NOT sent to the Official, it is confidential to Certification.
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