Fall 2016 Early Arrival Request Form
This agreement is between the Department of Housing and Residence Life and the student listed below. This agreement is for the terms listed below only and the student requesting the exemption should receive written confirmation from the Department of Housing and Residence Life for approval. Students who arrive early will be charged $50 per night IF THEY ARE NOT PART OF A SCHEDULED UNIVERSITY APPROVED GROUP OR SORORITY RECRUITMENT.

My signature below indicates that I agree to the following:


• I understand that in the event that the campus dining facilities are closed during a break period, that it is my responsibility to find my own meals and that the University of West Georgia and the Department of Housing and Residence Life are under no obligation to provide meals during the Early Arrival period. However, a kitchen is available in each residence hall (in some cases in individual units) for student use.

• I understand that while staying on campus during this time that I am not permitted to have visitors of any kind (i.e. friends, relatives, classmates, members of organizations) inside the residence hall in which I am staying without the prior approval from the Department of Housing and Residence Life.

• I understand that my access card to the appropriate residence hall will be set to activate and deactivate based upon the dates I have requested as listed below and that my ID card is not to be given to another student or non student for any reason.

• I understand that the doors to the residence hall in which I am staying are to remain locked at all times during the break period and that I am not under any circumstance to prop any door (interior or exterior) in or around the residence hall. In the event of an emergency or if I see suspicious activity of any kind, I am to contact University Police and report any suspicious activity.

• I agree to abide by all policies and procedures as set forth by the Department of Housing and Residence Life and the University of West Georgia. This includes but is not limited to the restrictions on visitors.
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Fall 2016 Housing Assignment:
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Please make sure you add the A or B at the end of your room number. For example, Center Pointe Suites 2222A or University Suites 1 233A-1.
Reason for Early Arrival: *
If you chose Athlete above, please specify which athletic team you are a part of. We will verify your membership of the team with a list of team members we get from the coach. If you choose Other, please specify why you need to arrive on campus early. If you choose Work for UWG, please list the department and have your supervisor send an email to housing@westga.edu to confirm that you will be working. If we do not receive an email from your supervisor, you will not be approved.
Requested Day of Arrival: *
If you arrive early and ARE NOT part of a University Approved group, you will be charged $50 per night.
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By entering my name below, I understand my responsibility with regards to Early Arrival and I agree to abide by all of the rules and guidelines pertaining to Early Arrival. Should I violate this agreement, I may be permanently removed from housing.
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