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This form is your application to perform on the student Recital Hour. (Piano students will need to consult with Dr. Gingerich prior to completing a recital hour performance application)
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This application must be submitted by FRIDAY NOON prior to the recital date.
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Please indicate if this performance is also an audition for an event (Wright Scholars, Honors Recital, etc). You MUST fill this out with the event you wish to be considered for!
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Pick one from the options below. All recital hours are open to all students with instructor approval. If you are auditioning for an event, please select the appropriate audition recital date.
What are you performing?
You must insert special characters such as ü, é, or æ if your title has them.
Need help? Use the reference chart found on for a quick guide. Mac and smartphone users: Hold down the corresponding key to see character options.
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Title of the piece you are performing. You must insert special characters such as ü, é, or æ if your title has them. BE EXACT!
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Composer *
Example: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Johann Sebastian Bach
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Dates *
Composer's birth-death - Example: (1785-1850) or (b. 1956). For contemporary pieces where the composer's date is not available, please indicate the date the piece was written (2011).
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Arrangement/Transcription *
Select "arr." if this is an arrangement. Select "trans." if this is a transcription. Select "NONE" if this is the original work.
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Details of your performance
Please indicate the movements you will be performing. Use special characters such as ü, é, or æ if your movement/tempo marking has them.
If you are performing multiple movements, please put each movement on a separate line as shown in the example below:

IV. è Molto Grave
V. Allegro Moderato
IV. Presto

Please list the movements and title/tempo markings you are performing, if any. BE EXACT! *
If you are playing all movements, you must list them. For pieces with no movements, please say "none".
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Additional information
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