2019-2020 Wesleyan University Club Sports Policy Agreement and Waiver
The Department of Physical Education & Athletics will provide and schedule practice and contest locations for active recognized club sports teams. The department can and will limit or eliminate club sports team privileges, if the club sport team is inactive for one or more semesters and if club sports, department and University policies (the “Policies”) are not honored. The department reserves the right to suspend individual team members from participation in any club sport activity if he or she violates any club sport policy.
1. The Department of Physical Education and Athletics does not provide athletic injury care to club sports. Athletic injury care coverage is required for all home rugby games.
2. It is the responsibility of each club to provide for the safety of participating members. Safe tactics and techniques should be part of club coaching and practicing.
3. It is the responsibility of each club to host its own event. We recommend that one person be responsible for working with the Athletics Department in event preparation and execution.
4. The use of alcohol on an activity space or playing field is strictly prohibited. Each club will be held responsible for the actions of members, spectators and opponents.
5. Consistent with state law, national fraternal policies and athletic conference guidelines, hazing is prohibited at Wesleyan University. The term "hazing" shall mean any activity or method of initiation into any student organization, whether on public or private property, that could reasonably produce undue mental or physical discomfort, harassment, ridicule or endanger the participants. An activity may be considered hazing regardless of consent or willingness to participate in the activity.
6. Each team and individual team members must adhere to their assigned practice days, times and fields. Failure to do so will result in a team’s suspension of field privileges.
7. In an attempt to prevent injury and protect playing sites from damage, the Department of Phys. Ed. & Athletics reserves the right to postpone or cancel practices and home contests due to inclement weather. Once a practice or game is cancelled due to weather, no team member shall use the practice or game space.
8. All participants in club sports understand and agree that they are solely and completely responsible for, among other things, all travel and travel arrangements for any club sports activities and that all such travel is conducted at the participant’s own risk and or at the of the expense of the club team. Club sport teams must adhere to the department club sport policy.
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