Well Aware Project Request Form
Thank you for your interest in a water project with Well Aware.

Well Aware solves water scarcity problems in East Africa with sustainable water systems. Projects are reviewed based on viability, potential impact, and several other factors.

Water systems are designed by our engineers and hydrogeologists in collaboration the community. They are funded by our network of donors, implemented by our team in Africa, and maintained by the community and their water committee.

Well Aware implements a limited number of projects each year. To request a new project, please ensure all requirements are met and provide as much information as possible. Thank you.
Contact Information
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What is your relationship to the community?
How did you hear about Well Aware?
Community Information
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Describe community situation and water need *
Please include the current water sources, their distance from the community, reliability
Possible water solutions for the community
Property ownership and documentation
Is the proposed site for the water project on community property and is a land deed available?
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Corruption or conflict
Any internal corruption or tribal conflict in the community?
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Please explain the situation
Water Committee
Is there a functioning water committee in the community?
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Partnering Organization
Would this project be in partnership with another organization?
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Existing Water Infrastructure
Describe all existing water infrastructure in the community (boreholes, rain water collection, pipelines, water storage, kiosk, animal trough, etc.) Include details about condition, size, etc.
List all community facilities (schools, health clinic), with daily population served, water source, if meals are provided, if facility is government or private, number of staff
Boreholes in area
List any nearby boreholes, distance from community, depth, pump type, yield, if water is salty or hot, and if the borehole has
Springs in area
List each spring, distance to community, if it flows all year, if temperatures change, if it ever turns muddy/cloudy, and if it has ever gone dry
Rainy seasons
Describe the rainy seasons, when they start and end, how much rain is expected.
Crops and Livestock
Are there gardens/crops or livestock in the community? Please describe.
Latrines and Handwashing
Please describe any latrines and handwashing stations/practices in the community
Is the community struggling with certain diseases? How far is the nearest clinic? Are health records kept?
Are there any wildlife threats to the community?
Is there a reliable source of electricity in the community?
Additional comments or information
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