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Please fill out all fields of this form and we will respond with an invoice for the dress selected. The order will be fully confirmed when we receive full payment and processed for order once we receive all bridal party's orders =)
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If you are ordering for a bridesmaid please fill out your name so we know to invoice. If you are part of a bridal party and you're not paying individually please fill out the name of who is paying for your bridal party order.
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What is the Wear Date of your Event? *
Please enter the wear date for your wedding party. If you are a destination wedding please use the date you are leaving to allow to safe timing on your order. Rush options and fees may be available upon request and may also vary per style. If you need faster delivery please write this at the end of form in the questions section :-) Orders take 14 weeks regular delivery not including alterations time.
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What is the name for your Event? *
By using the same name of your event we can help you track your bridal party's orders:-) So please have each maid use the same Event Name. We recommend FIRST LAST name of Bride + Wedding", i.e. "Tania Carrol Wedding".
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*IF YOUR DRESS HAS 2 COLORS, please put the bodice color AND the skirt color here (example: bodice - white and skirt - black):
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Q- How do I select my size using my designer's size chart?

A- We just spoke with a customer that wanted to call in and double check that she was selecting the size correctly for her daughter's bridesmaids dress. She got measured at a tailor (awesome) and her measurements were as follows: 35.5" (exact match to the 8), a 24" (size 2), and a 36" (size 4).

She should ORDER THE 8. This is what we call the PROPER SIZE. She'll fit comfortably in the bust area and this is what matters. The Waist & Hip will be loose - that's where alterations will come in. At the end of the day, "GO BIG OR GO HOME".

Q- What if I'm prego? or planning to be prego?
DO NOT WAIT!!! No 2 pregnancies are the same or can predict your final size. Plan Ahead and order early for extra alterations since your body is changing daily.

A- Order min. 2 sizes bigger than your current measurements put you at today. You will have to alter in closer to the wedding anyways because your body will change. Taking in is always cheeper and less stressful than not fitting into your dress and adding panels, corsets, or worse case having to order rush and entire new dress,assuming you can even get it made in time.

Q- Are you in between sizes?

A- GO BIG OR GO HOME. Read this help article that really expands on this topic. It's always better to go big and then alter in. If it's too small, you might get lucky ordering new fabric, but otherwise you're S-O-L. You might need to buy a whole new dress, assuming you can even get it made in time.

Q- Can't I just order my regular street size?

A- That doesn't matter. The size you normally get at the mall has NOTHING to do with how the designer makes their dresses when using their chart. So deciding on size based on your "street size" is DEFINITELY a bad idea. We always say on the phone - don't take the number personally. It's just a number used by the designer. Even between designers, a Size 6 with one is a Size 4 with another. And YES the dresses will come big either way. You need to order for the widest measurement so your seamstress can alter in before the wedding.

Without squeezing measuring tape, the widest measurement around the bust while wearing your bra you plan on wearing with the dress. Use Correct Side of the Tape @ a Parallel Stance.
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Without squeezing measuring tape, tip over like a tea pot to find your smallest part of your waist. Breath normal ;-) do not suck it in as it may not zip up if you measure too tight. Use Correct Side of the Tape @ a Parallel Stance.
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Without squeezing measuring tape, measure around the widest part of your butt and also the widest parts of your upper thighs to compare. Sometimes, if a more athletic build, i.e. runners, the upper thighs maybe a wider than the butt area. Which ever measurement is the widest, use this for your hip measurement so the lining of your dress doesn't split when you sit;-) Use Correct Side of the Tape @ a Parallel Stance.
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Size: *
Please note for each designer Plus sizes may have additional fees by your designers. Bill Levkoff size 18+ adds $35.
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If you're 5'8" or taller, the rule of thumb from all designers is to order extra length. By the time you add heels, the dress will be short. So paying more for the extra length is a must. Unsure? Just order it long and hem it, it's always better to be long and cut then to be short.
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Terms and Conditions
All Sales are Final Sale. No cancellations or substitutions can be made after payment is received. Alterations are NOT included. I understand I choose my own contractor/seamstress and appts. for this are scheduled and held directly with that provider I selected. Estimated Delivery dates are provided by designer and may arrive early or late. Dress dates are not guaranteed. Sign below your name below you agree to all terms and conditions.
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Questions & Fabric Requests
To request additional fabric for your dresses to make shawls, straps, sashes, pocket squares etc. Please write the color, material and total yards you want to order. If you have any questions regarding your order , you can also text us at: 929.274.3378
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